VIP’s Legislative Goals for 2017

After more than five years of research on election fraud in North Carolina, we recommend the Legislature enact a series of stand-alone bills to help restore public trust in North Carolina’s electoral process with minimal impediment to voters. Below are a “beta version” of the laws we deem prudent to fight vote fraud while maintaining reasonable …

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Let’s Stop the Slow Motion Larceny

Dec 27, 2016 (Raleigh) A headline in today’s (London) Telegraph, announced, “Voters will have to show passports to combat voter fraud in ‘vulnerable’ areas with large Muslim populations,” as they calmly explained the rationale for targeting the areas where non-citizens were most likely to live. They even announced plans to raise the penalties for vote fraud …

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Convicted election fixer and Madison County party boss, Zeno Ponder.

Why the Durham Recount Matters

[Note: VIP interviewed numerous party and election officials, along with eight Chief Judges from Durham County for this report, but the names will be withheld in order to prevent retribution by county and state election staff.] 12-1-2016 RALEIGH — To understand what’s at play in Durham county, we have to understand how the Jim Crow …

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VIP Receives Second Threat in Two Days

  Nov 2, 2016 — Raleigh — The Power of propaganda cannot be underestimated, after MSNBC Hostess, Rachel Maddow, spewed lies and hate speech about VIP’s research into North Carolina’s bloated voter rolls.  We will have time to critique her deceptive segment (aired Nov 1, 2016) at a later date, but for now, we want …

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NAACP Race Baiting of VIP Leads to Threats

11-1-2016 RALEIGH — Desperate to agitate his fund-raising base, the “Reverend” William Barbour played the race card, Monday, in an ugly way by suing the state BOE and selected county election boards, while indirectly attacking the race-blind research techniques of election integrity watchdogs in North Carolina. We will not take these false accusations lying down. Our …

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Election Machines Left Unattended All Night

Oct 25, 2016 (Granville County, NC) — From the News & Observer’s “we hope you wouldn’t notice” department, this blockbuster story from Saturday morning finally found it’s way to print on page A4 of the Tuesday paper: When a voter mistakenly went to an early voting site in Wilton on Saturday, the doors were unlocked and …

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Soros’ Control of Black Box Voting Finally a Concern!

Oct 24, 2016 (Raleigh) — Jo, from Missouri contacted us, asking what voters can do in a state with Soros-controlled voting machines. The most troublesome aspect of those machines is the touch-screen voting capability, in which a voter touches a video screen and trusts the machine to correctly record his/her intentions. Election officials have demonstrated …

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America's attitude toward the rights of the mentally incompetent was  improved by the impact of this movie, but  there is such a thing as giving mentally incompetent people certain rights (like voting or sexual consent) for the purposes of abusing them.

Reaping Vulnerable Voters

[Note: Clarification/correction added regarding the Wake Tech aspect of this story.] Oct 21, 2016–RALEIGH–Of all the complaints we received from voters who contact us to report vote fraud, nothing burns my bacon more than Democrat (so-called) “care workers” who drag mentally incompetent people into the voting process. I’m not talking about people who actually keep up …

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