The letter was also sent via certified mail.

VIP Files NVRA Notice to Wake BOE

Apr 11, 2016 (RALEIGH) — The Voter Integrity Project, today notified the Wake County Board of Elections that, their office appears to be violation of Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) based on research suggesting Wake county has significantly more voters on the registration rolls than it has eligible living citizen voters. “Voter …

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Dennis H

Vote Fraud Documentary Trailer (Rough Cut) Released

Apr 8, 2016 (RALEIGH) — In a soft roll out today, the Voter Integrity Project, announced the release of their first draft of a preview or “trailer” to the documentary they have had in the works since 2012, about voter impersonation fraud. “This is the type of fraud that the wizards of smart assure us doesn’t exist,” said Jay …

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Why DeLancy’s “Arrest” Matters

Time to close the loop on our fake arrest news story. To read that story, please click here. First…to those supporters of VIP who fell for the “April fool” joke. Thank you! we appreciate you more than you can imagine, because you wrote to John or to me and expressed your support for us in what would have been the new …

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My “Arrest” for Stealin Pine Straw

  Dear Friends of Election Integrity… In hopes that our supporters would get my side of this story before they read about it in hostile media, I decided not to hit the hay until I could get this posted. My life officially went off the rails last night, but … in the immortal words of that …

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Mike Hyers, a REsearch Analyst for VIP-NC, seen filing an earlier set of challenges in Cumberland County, NC.

Hyers Strikes Again…This time finding a Voter Missing for 25-Years!

  Mar 28, 2016 (FAYETTEVILLE, NC) – After allowing time for the Cumberland County Board of Elections to certify the March primaries, Retired Air Force Master Sgt, Michael Hyers, a Research Analyst with the Voter Integrity Project, challenged 363 more Cumberland County voters this morning. who he says are no longer living at the address from …

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Triple voting

Voter ID Finally Arrives in NC . . . but . . .

The courts still threaten judicial nullification. The Left continues to create new circumvention tactics. Even still… this is a great week to celebrate the new voter ID law in NC. Why? Because it’s our state’s first-ever presidential primary that required many voters to present a valid photo ID before being allowed to vote. There were several areas of concern …

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Mike Hyers, a Research Analyst for Voter Integrity Project, was interviewed in early March 2016, after his previous successful challenges.

Cumberland BOE Sustains 192* VIP Challenges

[Story updated March 12, 2016 to clarify the number of challenges sustained. See * note at bottom.] Mar 10, 2016 (FAYETTEVILLE, NC) — Closing out the first in a series of planned VIP challenges to phantom voters in Cumberland County, their three-member election board formally agreed to remove 192 voters from the voter rolls and to update …

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Barry Burden

NC Voter ID On Trial

Opening Gambits North Carolina’s trial of the century is finally back underway and make no mistake, the outcome will decide if NC (or any other state for that matter) will ever be allowed to pass laws intended to reduce vote fraud without their being litigated to death by the federal government and a rogue’s gallery …

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