Statement on Democracy NC Press Conference 9/10/2014

While we haven’t yet seen the full Democracy NC report, we stand in support of North Carolina’s current leadership for displaying courage by seriously investigating 81 cases of deceased voter ID theft, 165 people forced to vote provisionally after being told that somebody had already voted in their name and the 36,515 suspected cases of vote fraud through multi-state double voting. While some …

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Prosecution Update on Perp #5

Aug 21, 2014–RALEIGH–The walls continue to close in on Perpetrator #5. In a way, he’s #1, in that he’s our absolute favorite felon voter among all we have ever found in the entire FLANC project. Now, three states are investigating his habit of double triple voting. Here’s an “inside the dirty business” briefing that shows both why we …

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Federal Judge Denies Holder’s Petition to Delay NC Election Law Reforms.

RALEIGH, N.C. — In another setback for Attorney General Eric Holder, Federal Judge, Thomas Schroeder from the Middle District of NC, denied a preliminary motion to enjoin the State Board of Elections’ implementation of new voting laws enacted in August 2013. (Download the 125-page text of order by clicking here). “Dredging up North Carolina’s shameful Jim Crow past is largely irrelevant in 2014″ said Jay …

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Double voting

Prosecution Update Five, no Four, okay…maybe three FLANC voters moving closer to prosecution

We’ve all heard the PEW Research Center’s cliche that likens vote fraud to getting struck by lightning, but now we understand how they get away with that nonsense: the key is prosecutions…and those things are hard to get! For example, the first five of our Florida and NC (FLANC) double voters have finally reached a level of …

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Trial opening day

Intel Report 7/7/2014

(Winston Salem, NC) North Carolina’s trial of the century began today, in a courtroom that seats 100 spectators; so Pat Klienmeier (Forsyth County VIP Leader) and I braved the heat in a futile effort to get in on the opening day. The problem was the lovely air conditioned bus that offloaded 50-60 rent-a-mob activists just …

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