As long as nobody sees vote fraud, the public remains ignorant of the need for REAL voter ID.

Voter Impersonation Fraud Research Project Begins

Oct 7, 2015 — RALEIGH — With the ink still wet from the last night’s election results, now is the best time to dig up evidence of election fraud and CAZARTS!! It didn’t take us long to find something.  Actually, this oddity happened in Mecklenburg County’s September 8 primary, but today, it triggers a season-long VIP research project into the problem. Imagine …

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According to his website, Judge Mike Morgan is a lifelong member of NAACP, a plaintiff in federal court against the NC voter ID law. Perhaps it requires a law degree to understand why such an apparent conflict of interest wouldn't be grounds for dismissal on appeal.

NC Voter ID Losing Streak Continues

[Story updated and clarified Oct 7, 2015.] Sep 23, 2015–RALEIGH–North Carolina’s voter ID law took another surprising turn tonight as Superior Court Judge Michael Morgan denied the motion, brought by attorneys representing the state, to throw out the lawsuit against NC voter ID, despite last June’s bi-partisan passage of HB 836, a law that weakened voter ID so effectively that critics had predicted the …

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Voting Rights Rally Aimed at Shaming Opponents

Sep 3, 2015 (RALEIGH) — Tonight’s “voting rights” protest rally is built upon the twin lies, that first, vote fraud doesn’t exist; and second, anybody who says otherwise is a racist. This effort to deny the truth and to shout down their opponents is demagoguery at its worst. Lawmakers all across the nation have passed dozens of laws intended  to increase …

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Appeasement Invites More Bullying — Duh!

Aug 19, 2015 (RALEIGH) – The NC NAACP has signaled the federal courts that they’re almost ready to drop their challenge against NC’s already weakened voter ID law, but not without making more demands of their vanquished foes from the Legislature, by forcing them to sign a consent decree. The move comes just a few weeks …

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Early Christmas for ACORN?

Time to Fight the Legislature’s Bad Bill of the Year While ACORN* no longer operates under that old name in NC, they probably laughed when House Bill 836 gutted voter ID in NC. One of their fans, Rep Micky Michaux, crowed this about HB 836 during the floor debate: “If the Republicans had done this two years ago, I …

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This piece of paper is all you need in order to vote. . .as long as you can fill out the "Reasonable Impediment Determination" provisional ballot form.

Fix-836 (How to repair NC’s fraud-friendly election laws)

The purpose of this page is to empower those who want to prevent electoral abuses made possible by House Bill (HB) 836. The bill, now state law, opened new doors to enterprise-level vote fraud in three major ways: 1.This law will allow anybody to avoid showing a photo ID simply by claiming a “reasonable impediment” to obtaining one. 2. This …

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Reason 5: HB 836 Re-Legalized Non-Citizen Voting

  With apologies for the length of this post, there is no short explanation of how HB 836, the 2015 “technical correction” to NC election law, re-opened the door to massive vote fraud by way of illegal-immigrant voting. Such a dramatic modification was no accidental oversight, and more than a few Republican legislators expressed shock when we explained this provision of …

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Pasco Parker

BUSTED! Second FLANC Arrest Confirmed: Perp #5 is Behind Bars!

(Raleigh, NC) July 30, 2015 – Today, it was learned that Pasco F. Parker, one of the Voter Integrity Project’s original five interstate double voters, identified to election officials through a research project called FLANC (short for Florida and North Carolina), was arrested June 25, in Williamson County, TN, and is being held under $10,000 …

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