Fixing HB 100 to Help Find Non-Citizen Voters

What went wrong with HB 100? This bill started out to help concerned patriots identify non-US citizens on NC’s voter rolls… but the House amended it to have the opposite effect! As now written, it will actually prevent the public from ever finding non-US citizens on the voter rolls. This blog entry will explain the “inside …

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Thompson (Moore)

First Arrested FLANC Double Voter ID’d…as a Republican!

(Carthage, NC) Apr 2, 2015— The Voter Integrity Project confirmed today that Steve Curtis Thompson II, of Pinehurst, NC was the first arrest the state has made against a person the group identified to election officials after completing their research into possible double voting between Florida and North Carolina–a project they called, “FLANC.” “It took …

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BREAKING NEWS: First Vote Fraud Arrest Made from VIP’s Research

April 1, 2015 (CARTHAGE, NC) — The Moore County District Attorney’s Office confirmed, late this afternoon, that earlier today, their Sheriff’s Department arrested a Registered Republican, first discovered by the Voter Integrity Project to have voted twice in the November 2012 election. “No fooling! This arrest is significance because he got away with the crime and never would …

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Moore challenge notice

Moore County Challenge Hearing Set for Tomorrow

Mar 10, 2015 (CARTHAGE, NC) The County Board of Elections will resolve the status of 109 voters, tomorrow morning, at 10:00, in room #104 of the Rhyne Public Safety Center. The voters were all challenged by Pinehurst resident, Carol Wheeldon, after her research team discovered around 500 voters who did not live at the addresses listed on their …

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New Bill to Close 15-Year-Old Loophole

Feb 27, 2015 (RALEIGH) — Thanks to a 15-year-old loophole in NC election law, it’s perfectly legal for your county’s Board of Elections to staff an early voting location entirely with one political party, but a bill introduced earlier this week by Representative Michael Speciale (if passed) will curtail such possibilities from ever happening. On Election Day, the …

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