VIP Files Voter Suppression Incident Report to SBoE

May 27, 2016 (Raleigh) — Following up yesterday’s announcement of voter suppression by a Wake County BOE poll worker, Jay DeLancy, Director of Voter Integrity Project, filed an official incident report to the State Board of Elections, which will open an inquiry on the matter. “By mid day today, we were convinced that the individual …

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Wake County BOE Suppresses Voters on Video

Our Worst Fears Confirmed [Note: This page was modified Sunday, May 29, 2016 from Its original post on May 26. It had been originally written as an  “official request for investigation” by the SBoE, but that portion has been moved to another page, with a PDF of the form submitted late Friday You may see the actual …

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Sullivan gave the "yes" answer to the question about his US Citizenship and signed the document. Note the bold-face warning in the upper left side of the document.)

New Evidence Emerges in Non-Citizen Voting Case

May 25, 2016 (Raleigh) — The Voter Integrity Project, today, has found new evidence, unknown before the dismissal of the case against Moore County resident, Damien Omar Sullivan, a Jamaican citizen who admitted to illegally voting twice in NC. It could lead to the prosecution of certain DMV employees. We learned from a record request to Glenda Clendenin, Moore County’s BOE …

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How a Jamaican citizen got away with voting in NC

May 24, 2016 (Carthage, NC)–Damien Omar Sullivan was a Jamaican citizen in 2005, when he registered to vote in Aberdeen, NC and then voted in 2008’s primary and general elections; but according to court records of his Feb, 2016 bench trial, the charges were dismissed. The surprising dismissal came, in part, because a DMV employee had been the …

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Moore Challenges Prompt 50 Removals, 4 Updates

May 19, 2016 (Carthage, NC) — Moore County’s Voter Integrity Project Co-Leaders, Dee Park and Carol Wheeldon successfully ushered 67 voter registration challenges through the preliminary hearing phase, yesterday in Carthage, with an additional 50 being removed and 4 being updated, all as a result of their having filed the challenges.”    “We’re happy the Board of …

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Brandi K. Thomason

Oops! Voter Fraud Ring Confirmed in Robeson County

Go back to sleep . . . It’s only a story about high school athletics . . . Nothing to see . . . Move along. The Greensboro News & Record ran with this blaring headline late last night: Mebane couple jailed after allegedly presenting fraudulent documents for student athlete’s admission WTVD’s headline also chased the …

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Hyers faces the CC-BOE

VIP’s Mike Hyers Scores Another 1,023 Voter Challenges

May 9, 2016 (Raleigh) — In case you missed the Fayetteville Observer story on this, Voter Integrity Project lead researcher and Fayetteville resident, Mike Hyers, challenged 1,023 Cumberland County voters who no longer live at the address from which they are registered to vote. One had been on the rolls, even after she got married, assumed her husband’s last name …

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Non-Citizen Voters Still Protected by GOP State Senator

APR 25, 2016 (Raleigh) — Non-citizens voters have been active in NC for quite some time, but a law designed to help election officials locate and remove them from the voter rolls, the Voter Integrity Project ‘s top priority during the “short” session, has been blocked for almost three years, because of the actions of one powerful, …

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