VIP Honored with an Al Jazerra Amerika Hit Job

Oct 29, 2014 (RALEIGH) — It’s not every day that a news crew shoves their camera in your face to try and rattle you, but Al Jazz accomplished the opposite effect: It was actually a humorous ambush interview by an all in-your-face reporter, Greg Palast, from the network that Al Gore once owned but later dumped …

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ECSU student

Poster Child for Student Voting Returns to His Real Domicile

Oct 28, 2014 (ELIZABETH CITY, NC) — Montravias King, a local college student who created a name for himself being denied and later allowed to run for a City Council seat he later won, as only a temporary resident, resigned his elected position last night to return home to his true domicile, because he couldn’t find a suitable job …

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WaPo: 17,900 non-cit voters in NC’s 2008 elections

Oct 26, 2014 (RALEIGH) Stunning numbers from Friday’s Washington Post and VIP’s own research raise some serious doubts about SBoE reassurances that only 1,425 non-US citizens are registered to vote in NC. We estimate the number to be at least 10,000 and the Post pegged it around 17,900. Urging “no cause for alarm,” Rep Harry Warren …

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DACA dust-up raises troubling questions

Oct 23, 2014 (RALEIGH)–For 18 months, VIP has been pressing the NC State Board of Elections to provide documentation to show how they coordinated with DMV to screen the voter rolls for non-US citizen voters. The SBoE Chief Legal Counsel, Don Wright, simply answered, “We have assurance of cooperation from DMV on this issue.” Throwing a BS flag, VIP Research …

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Cherry Picking the Data

How Democracy NC Twisted Data to Defend a Fraud-Friendly Law Oct 8, 2014–Raleigh, NC–The Voter Integrity Project, today released their final assessment of a “research” report released in September by the George Soros-backed activist group, Democracy NC. in an effort to manipulate public opinion by claiming the North Carolina legislature’s elimination of a certain fraud-friendly provision in NC election law …

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Photography is still not allowed in court, but this artist, Jerry Junkins, will see his pictures on numerous news networks tonight.

Frontline Report

​ There is nothing in the world like sitting in a room, watching as some of the most brilliant lawyers in America duke it out like some sort of UFC smack down. Even so, it was surprising to see how much energy they spent arguing back and forth over the meaning of the term, “status quo.” At issue …

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