Election Machines Left Unattended All Night

Oct 25, 2016 (Granville County, NC) — From the News & Observer’s “we hope you wouldn’t notice” department, this blockbuster story from Saturday morning finally found it’s way to print on page A4 of the Tuesday paper: When a voter mistakenly went to an early voting site in Wilton on Saturday, the doors were unlocked and …

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Soros’ Control of Black Box Voting Finally a Concern!

Oct 24, 2016 (Raleigh) — Jo, from Missouri contacted us, asking what voters can do in a state with Soros-controlled voting machines. The most troublesome aspect of those machines is the touch-screen voting capability, in which a voter touches a video screen and trusts the machine to correctly record his/her intentions. Election officials have demonstrated …

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If you clicked this site because of that image, you might be the kind of "low-information voter," our political system is courting.

Raping the ‘Retard’ Vote

[Note: Clarification/correction added regarding the Wake Tech aspect of this story.] Oct 21, 2016–RALEIGH–Of all the complaints we received from voters who contact us to report vote fraud, nothing burns my bacon more than Democrat (so-called) “care workers” who drag mentally incompetent people into the voting process. I’m not talking about people who actually keep up …

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The Source of Our Fears: Chicago Gone Nationwide

Aug 29,2016 (RALEIGH) — Unless Supreme Court Justice Roberts suddenly has a miraculous regrowth of a certain part of his anatomy, we’re presuming he will take the path of Leftist adulation and force North Carolina to capitulate in our Legislature’s brave quest to prevent several of the more common types vote fraud. In short, Republicans tried to …

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Soft Voter ID — Prevent Vote Fraud…but Without Disenfranchisement

Introduction The recent federal court assaults on voter ID laws in Texas, North Carolina, North Dakota, and Wisconsin have guaranteed that November’s elections will be rife with fraud; but depending on the level of citizen involvement, there now remain only two plausible outcomes this year. Scenario 1, Donald Trump will cruise into election day with something …

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Voter Integrity Project Sues Wake BOE in Federal Court

(RALEIGH) — July 18, 2016. Today, the Voter Integrity Project, filed a federal lawsuit, against the Wake County Board of Elections alleging their office failed to properly maintain the voter rolls, by not using all available government records to keep their voter rolls clear of non-US citizens. “We’ve been trying to learn why 104 percent …

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Community Matters

Vote Fraud Finally Allowed a Seat at the Table!

The news wonks call this an “evergreen story,” that might be replayed just before November’s elections, but two local Sinclair Broadcast Group stations aired a show in early July about North Carolina’s voter ID law that had three segments, lasting 7 minutes each. First, was Kim Strach, Executive Director of NC State BOE; second was Bob Hall, …

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Cumberland’s Hyers Marching Through the Voter Rolls

1,551 2,545 Former Cumberland Residents Now Protected from Voter ID Theft, Thanks to One Man July 15, 2016 (FAYETTEVILLE, NC) – The Cumberland County Board of Elections sustained 994 challenges brought forward by Fayetteville resident, Mike Hyers, based on his research proving the voters no longer live at the address listed on their registrations, which brings his total …

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