Monthly Archive: June 2018

Former NC Supreme Court Justice Drinks the Kool Aid

June 14, 2018 (Raleigh) — Too many politicians act is if vote theft is less important than gutlessly preening for the dominant media; and sadly, former NC Supreme Court Justice, Bob Orr, joined that McCainiac Universe with an op-ed published in the Charlotte Observer. Rather than critique Orr’s missive line-by-line, I encourage you to go read it and …

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Lets all vote on NC voter ID!

June 5, 2018 (Raleigh)–While the entire nation watched a federal lawsuit against North Carolina’s voter ID law two years ago, nobody much talked about the wolf just outside the federal courtroom’s door and it’s high time the legislature neutered that critter before he hurts somebody. Most scholars and political players agree that the main reason that …

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NC’s Stealth Voting Machine Monopoly

[Update June 5, 2018–SB 486 passed a second and third reading in Monday night’s legislative session. No lawmakers offered to amend the portion of the law addressed in this article. ~ jd] Jun 4, 2018 (Raleigh) — Tonight at the Legislature, North Carolina’s lower chamber will conduct a third vote on an election reform bill …

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