The Voter Integrity Project of NC was founded in 2011 by John Pizzo, a retired quality engineer with a “Six Sigma Black Belt” from private industry and myself, Jay DeLancy, a former subscriber to the Mother Jones mindset who became an adult convert to Christianity and later dropped out of a PhD program at Regent University in order to finish a career in the US Air Force when it became an either-or decision. By God’s grace, I finished that latter goal, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2011, and immediately founded the Voter Integrity Project of NC with John. We share the common desire for open and honest elections…something we eventually realized was nonexistent in North Carolina.

The original plan was for us to work as a non-profit corporation; but harassment from all corners of government against groups like ours discouraged that idea. We preferred to spend money on data storage space and not on lawyers. So, we formed as a private corporation under NC law. While it meant we’d never get any big tax-deductible contributions, it also meant that people who supported us would have complete anonymity (a fact that annoys the Progressives more than anything) and there are no limits to the amount of money they can give. We even accept cash (which we gleefully report as income), but please do not give us any money until you’ve read this entire page. Trust me on this.

Our plan was simple: Mine public data, follow that data and let the evidence speak for itself. Rather than swerving out of our way to avoid hitting a Republican or to deliberately run over some Democrat, we strove to be truth merchants in at a time when truth was mostly ignored. It has been a real hoot watching the light bulb come on among our more partisan friends and opponents when they finally “get it.”

Starting with a “voter density” study of North Carolina’s 100 counties, we began publishing our research results on-line and sharing it with peer organizations in other states. Next, copying the Pulitzer Prize-winning work of the Miami Herald, we obtained jury disqualification data of persons who evaded jury duty by telling the courts they were not US citizens and we matched those records against Wake County’s 660,000 registered voters.

While our challenges were denied in a Wake County BOE kangaroo court, we actually found 130 people who had voted before they ducked their jury duty. I was amazed and angered when the Democrat-controlled Board of Election showed utter contempt for our efforts and Progressive Propagandists (like Democracy NC and the Brennan Center began to lie about our work, even calling us “racists” in their effort to discredit us… but we endured. (Eventually, I’ll post more links to these claims; but for now, you can browse our site for the details or read my WSJ letter paraphrasing our efforts).

The two results that we hoped our work yield were these:

1) to draw back the shroud of secrecy over North Carolina’s election law; and

2) to activate citizens to demand more accountability from our elected “leaders” in the interest of open and honest elections.

One adverse consequence of our actions was that some people opposed us with a level of vitriol for which a person can never fully be prepared. To paraphrase Shakespeare, the lady protested a tad too much.

As I update page this (in early April, 2014), we’re beginning to see the emergence of a nationwide grassroots “movement,” (along the lines of our nation’s Civil Rights movement) that is demanding integrity at every level of government. While some states appear to have Republicans who have mastered certain aspects of election fraud, other states (NC being chief among them) have found the Democrats with a huge advantage in cracking the code. The “movement” says “pox on both your houses” as it demands a government of laws and equal access to the ballot box; because every ballot that is stolen disenfranchises a ballot that was honestly cast; and people across the nation are beginning to realize that a lot of ballots have been stolen while both parties looked the other way.

That sort of passion drives our volunteers, literally from Manteo to Otto (near Murphy). Some worked with us for a season in their lives, while others have grabbed hold of the burden and truly helped us carry the load. For their all of their help, encouragement and donations, we are eternally grateful…but I digress.

Our three primary goals have been (and continue to be):

  • To train, equip and organize people who want to help correct the weaknesses in our current electoral process
  • To gather data on the extent of the voter-integrity problems in NC
  • To propose and support legislative actions that would bring long-term stability back into the electoral system

We are at a point in history where people will soon be forced to decide whether they should just “check out” and let evil triumph or “hunker down” and do the hard work of defending the historic constitutional freedom that created American exceptionalism. We uphold the key tenant, written by Thomas Jefferson, that, “…all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Rebuilding the Wall

The Old Testament inspiration for this model is in the book of Nehemiah. A rag-tag remnant of God followers had a massive civil engineering project to rebuild a wall around Jerusalem. Nehemiah’s sage leadership directive was for each family to focus on the wall nearest their own house. Following that general order, they were able to accomplish the amazing feat in just 54 days! Rebuilding trust in America’s exceptional form of government is much the same challenge.

About the money…

While there are similar election integrity organizations springing up all across our nation, VIP is North Carolina’s main “grassroots” initiative. While we delightfully accept donations from any corner of the universe, we encourage our “followers” to seek out the similar organization fighting the good fight in your own state.

Be wary of giving money to outside groups who claim to be doing the same thing we are doing on a “national scope.” By our count, there are 52 sets of election laws in America (50 states, DC and the Federal statutes) and anybody pretending to be interested in all of them “in general,” usually demonstrates very little concern for your state “in particular.”

If you really want to support a so-called “national organization,” I would first ask them how they are supporting efforts in your state. But our best advice is for you to seek out those working hard in your state and fund them lavishly. Their survival depends on such donations and national groups have rarely (if ever) shared the wealth.

Caution: As you search the web for similar efforts in your own state, please pay careful attention to who is backing them. For example, North Carolina has a counterfeit organization with a nice web page that is backed by the most rabid Progressive groups in the nation. They are part of the “Blueprint” consortium of shell groups, intent on creating a permanent one-party nation (similar to Venezuela or Cuba), so you should always do your homework before donating money to strangers!

That said, here is a list of organizations from other states with whom we generally agree. They don’t send us money or anything, but we love what they are doing and their hearts really are in the right place. If you don’t see your own state’s premier election integrity group listed; it’s probably because we’re human and subject to error, so please send us your contact information and we will mitigate that problem.

California: Election Integrity Project

Ohio: Voter Integrity Project (of Ohio)

Maryland: Election Integrity Maryland

Minnesota: Minnesota Majority

Texas: True the Vote

Virginia: Virginia Voters’ Alliance (site appears to have been hacked, but check back later)

Closing out with to our own selfish needs, if you do live in North Carolina, we hope you will consider digging deeper into our efforts by doing crazy stuff like donating some filthy lucre, by volunteering to help and by “following” us on Twitter to help us spread the word. Also, please note: We don’t care about your party affiliation! Anybody from any political party (or no party at all) can join our effort, subject to only condition: Your loyalty to the US Constitution must be placed above any loyalty to a political faction or party. Our national survival depends on it!