Scientific Origins

The Voter Integrity Project of NC was founded in 2011 by Jay DeLancy and John Pizzo, a retired quality engineer with a “Six Sigma Black Belt” from private industry. Jay DeLancy a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel. Their goal was to fight for open and honest elections,

The plan was simple: Mine public data, analyze that data and let the evidence speak for itself. Viewing election law as something that transcended partisan or even racial lines, they fashioned themselves as non-partisan.

Starting with a “voter density” study of North Carolina’s 100 counties, they began publishing their research results on-line and sharing it with media, Legislators and with peer organizations in other states. Next, copying the Pulitzer Prize-winning work of the Miami Herald, they obtained jury the names and addresses of persons who evaded jury duty by telling the courts they were not US citizens. After matching those 6,000 records against Wake County’s 660,000 registered voters, they found hundreds who were registered to vote and some had already voted.

Their challenges were denied, as the highly partisan Wake County BOE ignored  their discovery of 130 people who had voted before they ducked their jury duty. That effort raised the scrutiny of Progressive propaganda groups (like Democracy NC and the Brennan Center (who began to lie about VIP’s work, even called them “racists” in their effort to discredit the work. Eventually, DeLancy successfully published a Wall Street Journal letter paraphrasing the group’s efforts).

Early VIP Goals:

1) to introduce continuous process improvement to NC’s election franchise ; and

2) to activate citizens and pressure our elected “leaders” for more open and honest elections.

One unanticipated outgrowth was that we learned so much about the mechanics of election law, that candidates, election officials, legislative staffers and even members of the media are sometimes calling us for our impression about some aspects of the law. In the case of the candidates, two have invited us to assist with their investigation into their own electoral demise.

Communicate the Law to the Sleeping Public

The most stunning revelation in our three-plus years of operation has to do with the reluctance of Districts Attorney to prosecute vote fraud, even when the criminal referral was made with all evidence included! We learned this after doing enough data research to suggest several people voted twice in the November 2012 elections (once in Florida and once in NC). After working with both states, the NC BOE (still led by Gary Bartlett) agreed to make criminal referrals. We’re now scheduling meetings with the DAs involved to see how we can help them prosecute. The penalties for election fraud are not a deterrent if nobody ever gets in trouble for doing it. This way, the law becomes teacher.

Can We Help You?

There are ways to prevent vote fraud in your elections and there is evidence of fraud that candidates and volunteers throw away without realizing it. We are uniquely qualified to assisted any candidates concerned about losing their election because of vote fraud. Please contact us for more information if this interests you.

Not Lucky Enough to Live in NC?

There are other states performing similar work, so if you live in any of them, please check the link and join their effort!

California: Election Integrity Project

Ohio: Voter Integrity Project (of Ohio)

Maryland: Election Integrity Maryland

Minnesota: Minnesota Majority

Texas: True the Vote

Virginia: Virginia Voters’ Alliance

Closing out with to our own selfish needs, if you do live in North Carolina, we hope you will consider digging deeper into our efforts by doing crazy stuff like donating some filthy lucre, by volunteering to help and by “following” us on Twitter to help us spread the word. Also, please note: We don’t care about your party affiliation! Anybody from any political party (or no party at all) can join our effort, subject to only condition: Your loyalty to the US Constitution must be placed above any loyalty to a political faction or party. Our national survival depends on it!