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Is HB 328 the “Non-Citizen Voter Protection Act”?!

(Raleigh, NC) June 10, 2015—Another name for HB 328, a bill requiring the DMV to issue driver licenses to illegal immigrants, might be the “Non-Citizen Voter Protection Act,” because of a sneaky little provision [§ 20-37.8A (i)] that expressly bars the DMV from sharing the names of illegal immigrant drivers, “for any purpose other than …

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524 Voter Registration Challenges Prompt Moore County Hearing

(Carthage, NC) June 8, 2015- Responding to a record 524 voter registrations challenged by Pinehurst residents Carol Wheeldon and Dee Park, the Board of Elections will hold a probable cause hearing on 185 cases, here, Tuesday at 9 A.M. “Rather than handing in five hundred at once, we’ve been filing around a hundred challenges each …

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