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Appeasement Invites More Bullying — Duh!

Aug 19, 2015 (RALEIGH) – The NC NAACP has signaled the federal courts that they’re almost ready to drop their challenge against NC’s already weakened voter ID law, but not without making more demands of their vanquished foes from the Legislature, by forcing them to sign a consent decree. The move comes just a few weeks …

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Reason One — “Valid” is Undefined

Note: This is the first in a series of Director’s Blog posts on the fraud-friendly provisions inserted into NC election law during last week’s no-look passage of HB 836, the bill that laid out terms of surrender to the opponents of voter ID in North Carolina. There will several posts like this and we will …

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Intel Response: The Voter ID Compromise

Excuses June 21, 2015 (RALEIGH)–After tapping several legislative sources Friday, we’re convinced the GOP caucus did not “intentionally” gut the voter ID law. Their inexperience in election fraud analysis leads them to believe the new loophole “won’t be a big deal” in our state. We humbly accept their honest intentions, but vigorously reject “hope” as any kind of fraud-mitigation …

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Is HB 328 the “Non-Citizen Voter Protection Act”?!

(Raleigh, NC) June 10, 2015—Another name for HB 328, a bill requiring the DMV to issue driver licenses to illegal immigrants, might be the “Non-Citizen Voter Protection Act,” because of a sneaky little provision [§ 20-37.8A (i)] that expressly bars the DMV from sharing the names of illegal immigrant drivers, “for any purpose other than …

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524 Voter Registration Challenges Prompt Moore County Hearing

(Carthage, NC) June 8, 2015- Responding to a record 524 voter registrations challenged by Pinehurst residents Carol Wheeldon and Dee Park, the Board of Elections will hold a probable cause hearing on 185 cases, here, Tuesday at 9 A.M. “Rather than handing in five hundred at once, we’ve been filing around a hundred challenges each …

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