Monthly Archive: October 2012

Dead Voter Captured (on Video)

(Raleigh, NC)—OCT 29, 2012—Voter integrity Project of NC, the grass-roots organization that recently uncovered “almost 30,000” deceased people still on North Carolina’s voter rolls, has now discovered how simple it is for dead voters to have their identity (and vote) stolen 15 years after they have died. A recent Fox Charlotte news story showed how easily a …

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VIP-NC Response: “Unfortunate” Remarks at NAACP Event

VIP-NC Response: “Unfortunate” Remarks at NAACP Event   “Our group was saddened to hear that remarks delivered Saturday at Raleigh’s NAACP convention may have mischaracterized the efforts of the Voter Integrity Project – NC. Our main goal from the beginning has been to help reform North Carolina’s antiquated election laws by working to eliminate every …

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Republican Registration Fraud Highlights Motor-Voter Flaw

(Raleigh, NC)—OCT 2, 2012—Recent Republican problems involving third-party voter registrations, made legal under the 1993 National Voter Registration Act (or “motor-voter” law), continue to erode the electoral process, according to the Voter Integrity Project of NC. “For years, we have watched as groups like ACORN and NC PIRG have been caught and convicted of registering …

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