Monthly Archive: June 2013

VIP-NC response to SCOTUS’ ruling on Section 5

We hope today’s ruling will spur our Legislature to turn House Bill 589 into a voter ID law that might actually prevent election fraud, since the current version will not. – (For details on why the current version is too weak to prevent systematic election fraud, please visit our PAC site,

NC voter ID commercial is up and running!

In parts of the state last night, the NC Voter Integrity PAC aired a commercial that was critical of the voter ID bill working its way through the Legislature, according to the group’s head, and the ad is scheduled for more locations tonight. “Yesterday, we were able to air our ‘Stealing Hands’ commercial during the …

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VIP-NC response to SCOTUS ruling on AZ citizenship requirements

The Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS) ruled this morning that Arizona could not add requirements to the 1993 National Voter Registration Act (also called “Motor Voter”) that would force applicants to provide proof of citizenship when attempting to register with the federal voter registration form. Many voter integrity supporters will be shocked to note …

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