Monthly Archive: September 2013

The Whole World’s Watching!

(Raleigh, NC)-SEP 30, 2013- “In filing his frivolous lawsuit today against our state, US Attorney General Eric Holder has hit a new low by dredging up North Carolina’s shameful racist past as a pretense to reverse the most effective election-fraud-prevention legislation our state has undertaken in more than a century. Mr. Holder’s colossal blunder today …

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Did Abuse of Same-Day Voting Effect the 2012 Buncombe County Commission Race?

A former Congressional candidate from Maine once told me about “long lines” of young people who suddenly showed up at the polls.  He said, “We had no idea where they came from.” He lost by more than 35k, so it probably wasn’t the decisive factor in the race; but, the young voters were exploiting a …

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Report Documents Nearly 500 Vote Fraud Cases in NC

(Raleigh, NC)—SEP 4, 2013— Between 2008 and 2012, 475 cases of voter fraud in North Carolina were referred for prosecution, according to a new NC Board of Elections report obtained by the Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina (after repeated requests), which undermines claims that voter fraud in North Carolina is insignificant. “This looks like …

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