Monthly Archive: February 2014

New VIP Voter ID Commercial Launched!

RALEIGH, NC – Feb 26, 2014–The Voter Integrity Project – NC proudly released our latest video message today as part of a continuing effort to educate the public of the legitimate requirement for lawful ID when voting. “People who oppose voter ID freely admit that an ID for commerce is acceptable, but then complain that …

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NAACP lawsuit update

There has been a great deal of confusion created by… among other people… me over the NAACP lawsuit. To be clear, that formerly proud organization filed legal action against our Governor and the leadership of the NC House, NC Senate and the NC Board of Elections. As the plaintiff, they can subpoena records from anybody …

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Vote Fraud Exposed in Pembroke Council Race (Part 1)

(Raleigh, NC)-FEB 13, 2014—People who honestly study election fraud often worry that the biggest victims of vote fraud are “the poor,” because (the reasoning goes) they are easily frightened out of doing anything about it. Nothing has confirmed that myth better than the November 2013 Town Council elections in Pembroke, NC. The race was tied …

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