Monthly Archive: March 2014

NOW the media is upset about voter fraud!!! Oh, Crimea river!!

McClatchy story from News & Observer, Mar 31, 2014, Page A6, headlined "Charges of fraud cast doubt on Crimea referendum."

[Note: Please pardon some of the sarcasm in today’s blog, but this is one story you will have a hard time finding on the internet, so I (Jay) took a snapshot of the original and posted it here and decided to go on a rant. This story, exposes the rank hypocrisy of the American Left on the …

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Buncombe BOE Blunders in Caving to Mob

Playing to a packed room, mostly made of “Progressive” activists from the League of Women Voters, the Buncombe County Board of Elections swiftly moved to short circuit an investigation, prompted by the Asheville Tea Party and the Voter Integrity Project, that had identified 71 Asheville-area voters who may have been victims of voter identity theft. “This …

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Group challenges 182 “missing” Buncombe voters

(Asheville, NC)—MAR 14, 2014—The Voter Integrity Project and local volunteers from the Asheville Tea Party took an unprecedented step at 10:30 AM today of filing official challenges to the voter registrations of 182 former Asheville residents who cannot be found by either election officials or the Post Office. “We support these challenges because the so-called …

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