Monthly Archive: August 2014

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How VIP tracked down Perp #5

May 18, 2015–RALEIGH–We’re anticipating an arrest of this guy any day now. In case his friends are telling him about this site, we cannot say much about this guy, beyond this: Law Enforcement personnel are looking for him in three states for the crime of voting illegally in the November 2012 general election. We recently learned …

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More Than 700,000 NC Voters Missing

[Note: This post addressed a problem in North Carolina’s voter rolls that will still be a problem in the 2024 elections…one decade after we first identified it. Short of federal election law reform, legal action remains as the only way to mitigate the risk of organizations impersonating these “phantom voters.”]  AUG 18, 2014–RALEIGH, NC—The Voter …

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Federal Judge Denies Holder’s Petition to Delay NC Election Law Reforms.

RALEIGH, N.C. — In another setback for Attorney General Eric Holder, Federal Judge, Thomas Schroeder from the Middle District of NC, denied a preliminary motion to enjoin the State Board of Elections’ implementation of new voting laws enacted in August 2013. (Download the 125-page text of order by clicking here). “Dredging up North Carolina’s shameful Jim Crow past is largely irrelevant in 2014” said Jay …

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