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Is HB 328 the “Non-Citizen Voter Protection Act”?!

(Raleigh, NC) June 10, 2015—Another name for HB 328, a bill requiring the DMV to issue driver licenses to illegal immigrants, might be the “Non-Citizen Voter Protection Act,” because of a sneaky little provision [§ 20-37.8A (i)] that expressly bars the DMV from sharing the names of illegal immigrant drivers, “for any purpose other than …

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524 Voter Registration Challenges Prompt Moore County Hearing

(Carthage, NC) June 8, 2015- Responding to a record 524 voter registrations challenged by Pinehurst residents Carol Wheeldon and Dee Park, the Board of Elections will hold a probable cause hearing on 185 cases, here, Tuesday at 9 A.M. “Rather than handing in five hundred at once, we’ve been filing around a hundred challenges each …

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Blueprint’s Minor Raleigh Ruckus

June 4, 2015 (Raleigh) Early last night, the State Board of Elections kicked off their first of nine public hearings on implementation rules for North Carolina’s voter ID law, but it quickly devolved into a coordinated ruckus by “progressive” mobs, lying in wait, perhaps, in more ways than one. To be fair, some speakers did …

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Proposed Changes to Photo ID Administrative Code

For those hoping to minimize vote fraud, we respectfully submit these broad concepts and more refined suggested talking points on the proposed State Board of Elections changes to NC Administrative Code (NCAC) currently being discussed in public hearings across the state.    Eliminate vague language. 08 NCAC 17 .0102. (f). Lines 90-91 It’s a lopsided idea to construe …

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