Monthly Archive: December 2015

Did accused attempted murderer commit vote fraud too?

STORY UPDATED: SPOILER ALERT: The answer is “no,” but it helped the SBOE identify a website-display error in their programming. Updated after SBOE data wizard, Brian Neesby looked into it. The answer is “nope.” The Wake County BOE is not to blame. Mr. Avery-Kennedy had registered on two occasions and this triggers a data merging function …

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Corrupt Alabama Politician Refuses to Resign

Dec 1, 2015 (Dothan AL)–This corruptocrat won by 14 votes and won absentee balloting by a margin of 119 to 5. After the election, several of his campaign staffers were prosecuted for absentee ballot fraud. some confessed and other were found guilty. One of them was convicted of 24 counts of voter fraud. Let’s see… 24 …

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