Monthly Archive: January 2016

NC Voter ID On Trial

Opening Gambits North Carolina’s trial of the century is finally back underway and make no mistake, the outcome will decide if NC (or any other state for that matter) will ever be allowed to pass laws intended to reduce vote fraud without their being litigated to death by the federal government and a rogue’s gallery …

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Round Two: 250 Challenges Filed in Cumberland County

[Page updated Jan 22, 2016 with Fayetteville Observer video clip and editorial. See bottom of page.] Jan 20, 2016 (FAYETTEVILLE, NC) — Retired Air Force Master Sgt, Michael Hyers, now a Research Analyst with the Voter Integrity Project, filed 250 official challenges to the Cumberland County Board of Elections, today at 9:30 AM, alleging the voters are registered …

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County Team Activities

[Note: Many have asked us about our activities across the state at the local level. Rather than create an exhaustive list of every activity a VIP-inspired (or even VIP-trained) activist has taken on behalf of election integrity, we will leave it up to those county teams and leaders to tell their stories. We plan to …

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