Monthly Archive: August 2016

Mitigating the Hacker Threat

Aug 31, 2016 — RALEIGH — Unless you’ve been off the grid for a while, you’re probably among the millions of Americans, alarmed over recent headlines about possible Russian hacking of American election systems and the Drudgereport headlines, suggesting Homeland Security may take over the electoral system. While both of these stories deserve our concern, …

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The Source of Our Fears: Chicago Gone Nationwide

Aug 29,2016 (RALEIGH) — Unless Supreme Court Justice Roberts suddenly has a miraculous regrowth of a certain part of his anatomy, we’re presuming he will take the path of Leftist adulation and force North Carolina to capitulate in our Legislature’s brave quest to prevent several of the more common types vote fraud. In short, Republicans tried to …

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Soft Voter ID — Prevent Vote Fraud…but Without Disenfranchisement

Introduction The recent federal court assaults on voter ID laws in Texas, North Carolina, North Dakota, and Wisconsin have guaranteed that November’s elections will be rife with fraud; but depending on the level of citizen involvement, there now remain only two plausible outcomes this year. Scenario 1, Donald Trump will cruise into election day with something …

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