Monthly Archive: November 2016

VIP Receives Second Threat in Two Days

  Nov 2, 2016 — Raleigh — The Power of propaganda cannot be underestimated, after MSNBC Hostess, Rachel Maddow, spewed lies and hate speech about VIP’s research into North Carolina’s bloated voter rolls.  We will have time to critique her deceptive segment (aired Nov 1, 2016) at a later date, but for now, we want …

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NAACP Race Baiting of VIP Leads to Threats

11-1-2016 RALEIGH — Desperate to agitate his fund-raising base, the “Reverend” William Barbour played the race card, Monday, in an ugly way by suing the state BOE and selected county election boards, while indirectly attacking the race-blind research techniques of election integrity watchdogs in North Carolina. We will not take these false accusations lying down. Our …

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