2017 VIP Legislative Issues Move Forward

NC Rep John Szoka (R-Cumberland) serves as on the (standing) House Elections and Ethics Law Committee.

March 19, 2017 — (Fayetteville, NC) The Voter Integrity Project’s 2017 legislative agenda took a major leap forward, yesterday, when the Cumberland County Republican Convention adopted a resolution supporting all ten of VIP’s election integrity measures. Their action came after State Representative (Vice-Chair of the House Elections and Ethics Law Committee), John Szoka (and a member of the Election Law advised support of the resolution, “to keep visibility on the issue.”

“Endorsements like this really help the elected leaders recognize how important honest elections are to the grass-roots across the North Carolina,” said Jay DeLancy, Director of VIP. “Despite recent setbacks in federal court, the public wants elections we can trust and that starts with real voter ID laws.”

Last July, a federal appeals court blocked North Carolina’s right to require voter ID for their elections.

“The judges ruled against our voter ID law in a purely partisan tactic,” said DeLancy, “but it shows how out of touch they are, since every state touching North Carolina already has voter ID laws for their elections.”

The Cumberland County resolution was proposed by Fayetteville resident, Jerry Reinoehl, a retired Army officer and a VIP Senior Analyst.

“When we have our representatives supporting these measures, the least we can do is to show support by backing them too,” he said. “The next step is to introduce the resolution at our District meeting on April 22.”

VIP members have been warned that the current voter ID law (HB 589 from the 2013 session) are still tied up on the federal appeals process, so lawmakers are cautious about passing any new legislation until those matters are settled.

“While pending litigation discourages further legislative action,” said VIP’s DeLancy, “it doesn’t stop lawmakers from introducing bills that will be ready for action as soon as the Supreme Court finally reverses the madness of the Fourth District Court of Appeals.”

The appeal is not expected before the upcoming confirmation hearing for Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.



[Click here to read the Cumberland County Resolution.]