Monthly Archive: April 2017

Voter Impersonation Fraud Confirmed in NC (But Not Prosecuted).

April 28, 2017 — Tim from New York wrote us today: Dear VoteChecker… What are your thoughts on David Learner not bringing charges against the 67 year old woman in NC who voted on behalf of her mom.  Should charges have been brought? Hi Tim. Thanks for asking. I need to start my answer with …

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Stealth Term-Limit Bill Moves . . . BACKward in NC!!

[Updated Tuesday, Apr 4, 2017, after committee meeting: Rep Warren presented a Proposed Committee Substitute at the hearing, but we’ve been unable to obtain a copy of it yet and it was not yet posted on the bill’s website, as late as 8:30 PM Tuesday.] Rep Warren introduced the bill by offering a “clean version that …

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