Monthly Archive: May 2017

Open Letter to Republican Lawmakers (in NC)

May 25, 2017. Dear Sir or Ma’am, By now, I presume y’all have already made up your minds on voter ID and will be rolling out a new version any day now. I’ve been busy and couldn’t get down there as much as I’d like. But, just in case, here are my two cents–based on …

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Authenticate HAVA ID Documents

May 25, 2017 (RALEIGH) — North Carolina’s recently killed voter ID law included a provision that made us crazy. It was called the Reasonable Impediment Determination (RID) and would allow anybody to vote without a photo ID simply by providing an excuse and a HAVA ID, which is an official looking piece of paper with the voter’s …

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Statement on White House Commission on Election Integrity

[Note: This post responds to an executive order, establishing The White House Commission on Election Integrity.] May 11, 2107 (Raleigh) — In order for the White House Commission on Election Integrity to be effective, it must learn how Congress’ two previous election laws have undermined the integrity and public trust of our nation’s electoral system. The Commissioners must …

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