Monthly Archive: July 2017

SBOE Takes Shot at Election Observers

July 28, 2017 Raleigh — North Carolina’s State Board of Election is attempting to roll back the rights of election observers to a pre-2010 era  that will enable election officials to eject poll observers with little or no justification, but they will accept public comment through either email (at, an on-line portal, or in-person speeches, noon …

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The Perfect Crime: How to Steal and American Election

[UPDATE: This story is in the past, but we will update you when the video is available to the public. The story below describes what you missed on July 25, 2017.] The Voter Integrity Project will finally go public on voter impersonation fraud in North Carolina, Tuesday, July 25th at 7 p.m. in Chapel Hill, NC, …

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Fake News About 44 States Obstructing Justice…it’s 14.

Dear Mr. President… A suspect website called “Daily Bellweather” announced that 44 states won’t comply with the full request of the Election Integrity Commission (see also, NBC’s story on the subject). Meanwhile, other news outlets report that only 14 states have refused to cooperate (see this link).  Then the White House finally weighed in on the fake news …

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