Monthly Archive: October 2018

VIP Position Featured in BBC Radio Documentary

Oct 31, 2018 (Raleigh) – “The Beeb” sent a World Service radio documentarian, Giles Edwards, to North Carolina earlier this month to interview several people whom he had met in producing a previous piece on our state’s tortured efforts to get a voter ID law.   But one perspective he did NOT get four years ago …

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N&O Allows VIP Op-Ed Supporting Voter ID

Oct 20, 2018 (Raleigh) — This week’s Sunday paper will include an Op-Ed piece that makes VIP’s case for supporting North Carolina’s Voter ID Amendment in this November’s election. Raleigh’s News & Observer has the ability to reach people who do not get their news from talk radio and cable news, so we appreciate our …

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Suspicions Arise Over Voter Participation Center

Oct 8, 2018 (Raleigh) – Long-time friend of election integrity, A.P. Dillon (also called Lady Liberty) posted a report that summed up our problems with a Soros-backed organization that is mailing out unsolicited absentee ballot request forms to persons who match their desired demographics. On the surface, it all looks like good, honest work, but …

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