Monthly Archive: December 2018

NC Officially Becomes “Strict” Voter ID State

Voter ID Finally Becomes NC Law Dec 19, 2018 — RALEIGH — Both the NC House and Senate flexed their veto-proof margin, today when the House followed yesterday’s Senate 33-12 override by voting 72 to 40 to override Gov. Cooper’s veto of North Carolina’s latest version of a law that suggests voters should provide a photo-voter ID at …

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Bladen Madness Highlights Selective Law Enforcement

Dec 11, 2018, RALEIGH — Amid the more ironic findings of the current Bladen County investigation into absentee ballot harvesting comes the open admission by former State BOE Executive Director, Gary Bartlett, exposing the dirty little secret about prosecutions: Voter fraud isn’t a crime unless it gets prosecuted and District Attorneys are loath to go there. …

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