Monthly Archive: September 2020

Corrupt Culture at SBE (Pt. 1)

{Note: This post is long overdue, but as we approach the elections, it’s important to know who can be trusted and who cannot. We’ve alluded to this story in videos and in other venues, but we never documented it fully, until now.] Sep 9, 2020 (Raleigh) It’s disturbing to see NC’s lead state election agency …

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Update to NY-NC Double Voter Email

Sep 4, 2020 (Raleigh) — In what has become standard operating procedure for NC’s State Board of Election (NCSBE) Executive Director, Karen Bell, we finally got a response from her . . . after we cc-copied the Legislature’s Government Operations Committee Co-Chairman, Rep. George Cleveland. In a nutshell, Bell’s response threw two of her employees …

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Election Officials Ignore Evidence of Interstate Double-Vote Fraud

Update: North Carolina is no longer ignoring the data mentioned in this story. At 8:27 PM, Sept 9, NCSBE Chief Counsel, Katelyn Love officially requested the password to our encrypted NY-NC double-voter project. New York officials have, thus far, failed to respond to our report and to our do-not-destroy notification.   Sep 2, 2020 (Raleigh) …

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