Monthly Archive: December 2020

Braynard Busted!

Dec 12, 2020 (Who knows?) Matt Braynard, the traveling road show may have hit a bump this week, when the man falsely claiming to be the “founder” of Voter Integrity Project was called out by a Georgia lawmaker who verified some of Matt’s numbers by reaching out to the actual people he had claimed were …

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Finally. . . a Leader Who Understands the Problem!!!

Dec 3, 2020 (Washington Mordor) In the best speech of his lifetime, President Trump spent 39 minutes echoing everything we’ve been telling the public for the last eight years. Yay! Click the page link to watch it… SEVERAL TIMES!!    

Same-Day Registration Abuses Spotlighted in Bladen Protest

Dec 9, 2020 (Elizabethtown, NC) Pressure on the Bladen County Board of Election (CBE) mounted after Republican County Commissioner candidate, David Gooden filed an official protest Monday that alleged election officials’ failure to complete hundreds of time-critical voter verification mailings cost affected his election. The protest was rejected over timing considerations. Gooden lost the election …

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Same-Day Registration Under Fire as Bladen Murkiness Grows

Dec 3, 2020 (Elizabethtown, NC) Yesterday’s site inspection of the Bladen County Board of Elections (BCBE) raised as many questions as it answered while bringing into doubt the notion certifying elections–or swearing in the supposed winners–before the validity of numerous Same-Day Registration can be determined. Yes. THAT Bladen County. It’s the same NC county that …

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