Monthly Archive: February 2021

Isn’t that illegal?

Feb 24, 2020 (Raleigh) What-if games are for children, but how many lawsuits would have hit President Trump, had he delayed the Census long enough to overcome SCOTUS objections to returning a citizenship question to their survey? Can we all agree that the Left would have spent millions in court until they could get a …

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Arizona Senate Caves in Ballot Battle

[Update to this story: On Friday, February 26, Maricope Superior Court Judge Timothy Thomason upheld the AZ Senate’s position and ordered the County Supervisors to turn all of Maricopa’s 2.1 million ballots over to the Senate’s designated audit team.] Feb 8, 2021 (Phoenix) The party-betraying ghost of John McCain emerged in Arizona yesterday in the …

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Holy Buckets! Follow Arizona’s Senate Fight!

Feb 4, 2021 Phoenix — The Arizona Senate’s battle over Maricopa County’s 2.1 million ballots will reveal whether or not America still lives under a constitutional republic… so we’ll bring you up to speed as we urge that North Carolina lawmakers follow Arizona’s lead in their efforts to restore public trust in the electoral process. …

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