Monthly Archive: October 2021

Returned mail blows up SBE propaganda

Oct 4, 2021 (Short brief of today’s podcast. Q: What does an odd piece of returned mail, an NCSBE tweet, and a Judicial Watch lawsuit have in common? A: Corrupt voter list procedures that are designed to facilitate ghost voting. Spoiler Alert: If this report bothers you, you can help in three ways. Educate yourself …

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War at the CBEs (Partisan Precinct Packing Pt. 2)

Sep 31, 2021 Oct 1, 2021 (Winston Salem) After yesterday’s episode into how Democrat County Board of Election (CBE) members are gaming the system to pack their shadiest precincts with all three election of their preferred judges, and no Republican Judges, we learned more about how this same trick was played on the Republican CBE …

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