Monthly Archive: March 2022

Student Election Assistants in North Carolina

Mar 30, 2022 (Sanford, NC) — Who knew that certain high-school-age students in North Carolina could get paid while learning how to conduct elections?! Thanks to a 2003 statute (NCGS §163-42.1), our state’s “Student Election Assistant” program allows any student to apply, as long as they’re “enrolled in a secondary educational institution, including a home …

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Bell’s War On Poll Observers

March 24, 2022 (Raleigh) Late yesterday, North Carolina State Board of Elections (SBE) Chief Counsel, Katelyn Love delivered the bad news from elections boss, Karen Brinson “Bartlett” Bell, in response to several Voter Integrity Project – NC queries intended to avoid costly litigation against SBE’s repeated efforts to diminish and demoralize any effective poll observers. …

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The Queen’s Law

Mar 11, 2022  (Elizabethtown, NC) An email landed in the VIP mailbox, this week, exposing how NC State Board of Elections Chief Counsel Katelyn Love tortured the law in order to clean up the messes created by rogue County Boards of Elections (CBE), like the one made by Bladen CBE board “member,” Patricia Shepard. Love’s …

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