Monthly Archive: November 2023

The New Phantom Menace

Nov 28, 2023 – Sometime during today’s NC State Board of Election canvass meeting, they will address a HAVA complaint, filed by the NC Audit Force, involving the SBE’s abuse a convenient provision of NC law (NCGS §163-82.4(b)) that gives election officials a seamless way to register as many non-citizen or other illegal voters as …

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About NC’s fake voter ID law

Nov 8, 2023 – People who voted in this year’s election cycle may be under the impression that they had to show a  valid photo ID in order to vote and a recent media blitz by credits Speaker of the NC House and soon-to-be-coronated Congressman, Timmy Moore for the voter ID law, but it’s really …

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ES&S Machine Problems in PA . . . but

. . .  not in North Carolina, according to the NC State Board of Elections. Nov 8, 2023 — By now, many in the election integrity world are buzzing over last night’s news reports that “voting machines forced multiple polling places to turn to emergency paper ballots” after “yes” became “no” and one judicial candidate …

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