Voter ID Finally Arrives in NC . . . but . . .

The courts still threaten judicial nullification. The Left continues to create new circumvention tactics. Even still… this is a great week to celebrate the new voter ID law in NC. Why? Because it’s our state’s first-ever presidential primary that required many voters to present a valid photo ID before being allowed to vote.

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There were several areas of concern among the election integrity community, but this past week proved that voters generally didn’t mind showing their ID in order to vote.

Rather than listing out all of our complaints at this time, we wanted to take a moment to congratulate the two lawmakers who worked the hardest to make all of this happen.


State Representative David Lewis

First, is the Legislator whom we skewered the most after he rushed through some last-minute reforms. Those reforms weakened the Legislature’s initially passed legislation, but it was forced upon them for reasons beyond any lawmaker’s control.

He is Harnett County Republican, David Lewis. We had stark differences during this legislation’s development, but I gained a whole new appreciation for him, while I was sitting in federal court, watching the NC legal team defend our voter ID laws.  Representative Lewis poured his heart into this effort to usher in the new law.

The other lawmaker was Mr. Lewis’ Senate counterpart, Bob Rucho. While we too have had “aggressive negotiations” over certain aspects of our state’s election laws, the man worked hard to give us a good start toward restoring public trust in the electoral process by preventing some types of voter fraud.

Mecklenburg Senator Bob Rucho

Mecklenburg Senator Bob Rucho

So, today we celebrate! After all…it’s the first vote-fraud-prevention measure we’ve seen in North Carolina’s law books since the killing of Jim Crow.

From then until now, every election law reform was designed to “increase turnout” at the expense of preventing fraud. As a result, we had a bevvy of election laws that made it easier for even the most casual voter to wander into a polling location and cast a vote. The problem was that we had no laws to help prevent that same voter from stumbling into another…and then another…and then another polling location, using a different name each time and casting another vote.

While our current voter ID law won’t prevent ALL such criminal actions, it’s a good start.

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Only through constant vigilance… and the removal of some remaining fraud-friendly loopholes… can North Carolina ever have elections that are not stolen by criminal enterprises.