Did Jens Lutz Lie to the FBI?

Jan 14, 2021 (Lumberton, NC) More evidence has emerged that suggests former Bladen County Board of Elections (CBE) member, Democrat, Jens Lutz, may have lied to state and federal law enforcement officials in order to trigger indictments against McCrae Dowless for alleged activities during the 2018 congressional election win victory for Mark Harris.

The new document, obtained by Voter Integrity Project, is an April 23, 2018 report created by the (NC) State Bureau of Investigation and marked “confidential.” It was written by SBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) T. B. Tanner and covered an interview of Lutz that was conducted by NCSBE Elections Investigator, Joan Fleming.

Among Lutz’ more questionable statements was a claim that “Dowless took money from both sides” in a 2014 Robeson County election between Democrat Micky Meekins and Republican David Edge and that Meekins made a $13,000 cash payment to Dowless for absentee ballots.

Both claims are demonstrably false.

After reviewing campaign finance reports from both Meekins and Edge’s 2014 races, VIP found no evidence of payments to Dowless from either campaign.

Additionally, in response to the new document, VIP’s Jay DeLancy obtained the following statement from the winner of that election, Robeson County Commissioner David Edge:

“I had no relationship with Dowless. I wouldn’t know him if he were sitting here. I never met him and if I had, I don’t recall it and I definitely didn’t–some pictures I had seen in the newspapers or something, I had no clue as to who he is and–I have definitely never paid him a dime to work for me in any campaign or for personal use, either one.” ~ Robeson Commissioner David Edge

The meeting’s timing points to partisan targeting of Dowless by Lutz, whose appointed to the Bladen CBE came just four before the interview and two weeks after he had an 8-minute phone conversation with State Board of Election (SBE) Vice-Chairman, Josh Malcolm.

Is lying to the FBI still a crime?

But the bigger problem for Mr. Lutz may be the false statements he made during his SBI and FBI interview. We fully expect NC’s highly partisan Attorney General Josh Stein¬† some circles, that’s still against the law . . .¬† especially if those lies triggered an investigation that unseated the duly elected Congressman Mark Harris, long before his charges were later dropped.

With all the hubbub surrounding the SBE’s February 2019 evidentiary hearing, what made federal prosecutors back away from the voter fraud claims and adopt some unconventional procedures to go after Dowless on Social Security charges?

In December 2018, Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman was appointed Special Prosecutor for Dowless‘ case and she indicted him twice: On February 27, 2019, Freeman indicted him over charges from 2016 and in 2019, she brought charges over allegations concerning the 2018 election.

We wonder why, a full two years after she obtained her initial indictment against Dowless, Ms. Freeman still has not set a trial date.

What is Freeman afraid the trial might disclose?