524 Voter Registration Challenges Prompt Moore County Hearing

(Carthage, NC) June 8, 2015- Responding to a record 524 voter registrations challenged by Pinehurst residents Carol Wheeldon and Dee Park, the Board of Elections will hold a probable cause hearing on 185 cases, here, Tuesday at 9 A.M.

Moore County BOE members (L-R), Bill Parke, Carolyn McDermott, Susan Adams at the Feb 10 hearing.

Moore Countyelection officials (L-R), Secretary, Bill Parke; Member, Carolyn McDermott; Director, Glenda Clendenin; Chairperson, Susan Adams. (File photo)

“Rather than handing in five hundred at once, we’ve been filing around a hundred challenges each month since January,” said Wheeldon, the Co-Director of Very Involved Patriots of the Voter Integrity Project (VIP/VIP), “We didn’t want to overwhelm Director Glenda Clendenin’s hard working staff.”

As part of the group’s ongoing research, they contacted more than 1,400 households with an unusually high number of voter registrations in order to learn which voters were no longer there.

“We want to thank the residents of Moore County who helped in this project,” she said, “by responding to our letters and notifying us when former occupants either moved or passed away.”

At Tuesday’s hearing, Mrs. Wheeldon will present VIP/VIP’s evidence of voters her group believes are no longer living at the address at which they are registered. While not actively looking for it, the group believes their actions will lessen the opportunity for a certain type of vote fraud.

“Most people never think about updating their election records when they’re busy moving away,” she said. “So we’ve found thousands who are still registered at their former address years later; and just like dead voters, loopholes in our voter ID law make it possible for those voters’ names to wind up flipping a close election.”

Last month, the Moore County group identified 9,504 people on their voter rolls who were missing, up sharply from an August 2013 measurement of 4,531. The Board of Elections data management system codes them as “inactive.”

“Those Moore County numbers are alarming are even worse, statewide,” said Jay DeLancy, Director of the VIP- NC. “This problem started with Motor Voter, the very first bill that President Clinton ever signed into law, designed to scare the states out of doing any serious list maintenance

The 1993 National Voter Registration Act, (or “Motor Voter”) mandated a convoluted list maintenance procedure that also allowed private groups to sue, at no cost, if any voters were mistakenly removed. As a result, 22 years later, VIP-NC identified 739,041 missing persons on the state’s voter rolls.

“We appreciate the Moore County great work,” said DeLancy. “It highlights the fact that this system is badly broken.”