Wanted: Adult supervision of elections

Oct 15, 2021

Today’s video podcast started with the continued fallout from the NC Legislature’s decision to take a closer look at Durham County’s elections. Then, we dove into Atlanta politics to highlight the corruption that’s closely tied to elections and a January federal trial that may reveal a lot more about the corrupt civil rights mob that has run that city for most of the past 50 years. Then, we conclude the podcast with action steps you can take in NC and elsewhere to help prevent fraud from determining the outcome of our elections.

First, an MSNBC host called election audit movement a “rolling coup” to overturn 2020 election. Nope! We just need to know what did or did not happen in 2020 before we can believe again in our electoral process. Too many people suspect 2020 was stolen in another Durham County type of surprise, and we need to get to the bottom of this . . . fast!

Raleigh’s News & Observer kicked off the week with an editorial headlined, “NC Republicans aren’t fooling anyone with dig at Durham elections.” We felt the same way after Durham County’s shady conduct during 2016, but couldn’t mentally accept the notion that election workers in one county would have the motive and the means to overturn a statewide election.

Lest we forget that year, Durham County’s primary elections revealed an election employee who “mishandled” more than 1,900 ballots and was ultimately convicted for his actions. An honest employee had ratted out the worker, so the system worked.

There must not have been ‘t enough honest employees around when, in November, the Durham Dump of 94,000 uncounted ballots at 11:45 p.m., flipped the outcome of the three statewide offices in NC with full subpoena power: The Governor, the Attorney General, and the State Auditor.

So, does the N&O believe the rest of us were fooled by Durham’s shady past?

Meanwhile in Atlanta

Former Atlanta Mayor, Kasim Reed is running for the office again after his hand-picked successor, Keisha Lance Bottoms shocked Atlanta’s election cartel last May by abruptly announcing she would not seek re-election.

Atlanta civil rights boss, Bishop Mitzi Bickers

Our Man On the Ground in Atlanta tells me there’s more to that resignation and it involved electoral fraud by certain high-level election administrators in Fulton County. Adding to the the mystery, Big Tech seems to have buried Bottoms’ May hilarious resignation speech as she squirmed to explain any sort of reason for her sudden decision.

Of course, she did not say that the Department of Justice was holding a gun to her head, but it may have had something to do with her later announcement that she had “returned $413,000 in campaign donations.”  The media spin was that since she’s not running again, she’s just returning her donor money, but that’s not how politics works. Normally, such candidates just donate the money to other politicians of the same ilk.

Also, her decision to quit may be related to the arrest and upcoming trial of another corrupt civil rights mob boss named “Bishop” Mitzi Bickers, who was indicted on conspiracy to accept bribes and steering $17 million of municipal contracts. Five people have already plead guilty and the FBI has been investigating Atlanta City Hall for the past five years.

But I digress.

We dug into Atlanta this week because two Fulton County election officials were fired for shredding 300 voter registration records. Just as in the case of the Durham poll worker, these two employees got into trouble because other employees at the polls reported the incident. . .  and THAT’S THE PROBLEM!

Patriots nationwide desperately need to flood the zone with a new breed of election employees who are true to American ideals instead of Marxist ones. Trusting “the government” to count the ballots and announce the winner. . . all from behind a veil of secrecy. . . is no longer an option, since the corruption of some (how many?) election workers raises serious concerns.

These people need some adult supervision at every precinct in the entire state . . . so what are you waiting for?

Click here for a link for you to apply to become an election worker in your North Carolina county. It may be too late for the upcoming Nov 2 election, but then again, it may not. They have a lot of jobs to fill and the employee turnover in this area is big. So go for it!

If that’s just too much for you, then contact a candidate and ask to become an inside poll observer. In some cases NCGS §163-45 allows unaffiliated candidates to field observers during a primary election. This is the next best thing to being an employee.

Next, you could contact your local Board of Elections and get on their distribution list for upcoming public announcements. (Click here for a directory of NC’s county election offices.) That way, you can know when they hold Board meetings and you can attend!

And finally, if none of that interests you, then maybe you could volunteer as an election fraud canvasser. This is critical work and a Telegram group called North Carolina Audit Force is spearheading that effort.

In the immortal words of the late UNC-W Professor Mike Adams . . .  gitty up!