Find Your Own Phantom Voters!

Oct 18, 2021

Lots of people have asked us how they can canvass their neighborhoods, even if they do not live in or around the county or counties being targeted by the North Carolina Audit Force. While we applaud their work, the NCAF may or may not be operating in a county near where you live, so this podcast offers a viable course of action for anybody else wanting to form a team of election watchdogs.

There are hundreds of thousands of voters who–legally or illegally–are registered to vote from addresses at which they do not live. If they vote from that address, it’s a crime that is rarely prosecuted. Thankfully, there are solutions to the massive problem, but it involves individual action… and that means doing something besides sitting at your keyboard and hitting the “like” button.

This video shows something anybody can do, anywhere in North Carolina, by using our Phantom Voter Project tool. If you’re not in NC and want to host a similar tool with your state’s voter rolls, we may be able to help you achieve that goal… so call us!

Click the above image to see WBT’s investigative piece on Kara Biasucci’s illegal vote in the Mark Harris (2018) election.

We start with the example of a very real phantom voter named Kara Biasucci. She got away with an illegal vote, but it was discovered too late to make a big difference. Had it been found in a more timely manner, it could have impacted the outcome of a State House race that was decided by less than a hundred votes.

Kara illegal vote was discovered by a citizen activist who was concerned about the amount of voter fraud that was alleged to have happened in NC’s 2018 Congressional elections. The winner was a former Baptist named Mark Harris, but it didn’t last.

We suspect his election was stolen from him by both Democrat and Republican collusion, but we’ll save that discussion for a later day. We reviewed the first book released on this subject here. It was written by Elizabeth Harris, wife of (then) Congressman-elect Mark Harris. She gave an insightful report on the incident as only an insider could. Michael Graff and Nick Ochsner wrote another perspective in a book that’s due out by mid November and it should cast even more light on the subject. Publisher’s Weekly reviewed their book, here; but you can preview it and pre-order your own copy by clicking here.

Canvassing Mitigates Future Vote Fraud

Jim Quick was a Harris supporter who didn’t like what he was seeing, so he took matters into his own hands and began canvassing for voter fraud. The methods he used were perfect for the post-election frenzy, but getting the big numbers was a bridge too far.

Before he hung up is clipboard, Jim analyzed data and let the analysis guide him to a small list of suspect voters. Then, he used that list to figure out which voters he wanted to visit. We do not recommend his methodology, but advocate it as an effective teaching tool. Jim was looking for fraud after a contentious election. . .  and that can be dangerous.

Click this image to access the tool we use for hunting phantom voters.

The reason we point out the danger is that people lie about things. Sometimes, they tell “social lies,” like, “of course I voted!” Other times, they can spew malicious lies about canvassers and about election observers. That’s why we prefer safety being the highest priority in both cases.

Our search tool, called VR Cleaner, can be accessed either by clicking this link or by clicking our Phantom Voter Project logo on may of our website’s pages.

Today’s video podcast explains how to use the tool and what to do with the evidence you collect. If you can get over some initial audio problems and a few video issues that pop up later, you will learn everything you need to know in order to start collecting the kind of evidence that helps in two ways:

  1. Looking backwards, it can be used as another reason our Legislature needs to audit the 2020 elections.
  2. Looking forward, is make a difference in the next close election that happens in your local area.

Now, this tool takes away any more excuses for your friends who lament, “there’s nothing we can do about all of that voter fraud stuff.” They’re wrong and this tool shows the how and why.

To see the desktop briefing of how to use the Phantom Voter tool, please click this image.