SBE Panic (Part 2) – Canvassers

Oct 25, 2021

Continuing last Saturday’s video podcast on how NC State Board of Elections is acting like cornered bank robbers, today’s video podcast covers other evidence suggesting chaos and desperation at the single state agency, empowered by the Legislature, to handle the details of managing elections.

Maybe the lawmakers should claw back some of that delegated authority.

Calling In Reinforcements

As if our sudden attack from a David Brock-inspired organization out of Washington wasn’t the first clue, the News&Observer’s Investigative Journalists, Tyler Dukes recently started sniffing around, trying to learn more about the election integrity movement and–more to the point–the canvassing operations of the highly secretive North Carolina Audit Force.

Action photo of NC Attorney General Josh Stein (on bottom) defending election integrity.

The usual tired media strategy is for people like him to assign a racist fantasy theme to the NCAF’s  methodology but I spent about an hour dousing him with reality.

Since he learned his craft at NC State, we’re giving him a chance to rise above his paper’s shameful race-baiting tendencies and report accurately.

Hope springs eternal, since once in a blue moon, the N&O actually helps advance knowledge in our area of expertise, so please pray for the young journalist. He’s under a lot more pressure than you can imagine.

Worried About Canvassing

We first recognized the value of canvassing in 2013, when our Lawmakers pretending to care about stopping voter fraud with a woefully weak voter ID law. Thus, we began questioning the bill’s author, running targeted television commercials against it, and even compared his bill the feckless Virginia voter-ID law. (Spoiler alert: NC’s current voter ID law is just as bad.)

After wasting all of that time and effort, we realized that canvassing was our only defense against our “fake-ID law,” because canvassing cuts off their fuel supply. It’s very hard to steal a any voter’s identities if they’re not on the rolls.

Proving that canvassing also helps in fraud investigations, recall Congressman-elect Mark Harris stolen victory over bogus “ballot harvesting” charges that were later deemed baseless.

Canvassing played a large part of that investigation after an unnamed election official illegally leaked 162 absentee ballot envelopes and Democrat activists used those envelopes to crowdsource a canvassing op to ask absentee voters, “is this your signature?”

Those efforts failed to prove any wrongdoing by McCrae Dowless but the methodology was solid.

In a happier story, Tarrant County Texas had a massive 2016 voter fraud investigation and a group called, “Direct Action Texas,” launched an investigation after candidate lost a close race and paid them to “find out why.”

Their leader, Aaron Harris, later told that they canvassed and found several absentee voters who had their ballots taken from them. The victims even knew who took the ballots and told the canvassers who they were.

The media virtually ignored that story but (unlike in NC) their Attorney General cares about voter fraud. The Tarrant County ballot-harvesting ringleader, Latitia Sanchaz, got an active eight-year prison sentence.

Key Takeaway: The entire investigation started with a citizen canvass of absentee voters. Effective canvasses really work and THAT’s a major reason election officials are losing their minds.

Challenging Flashbacks

The other big reason election officials are melting down involves another c-word used by NCAF . . . challenges . . . as in “voter” challenges.

To understand why Bell’s agency began their latest desperate acts, last’s Friday’s Saturday’s podcast took a long rabbit trail into the impact of Voter Integrity Project’s longest fight for election integrity.

Mike Hyers, a Research Analyst for Voter Integrity Project, being interviewed after winning thousands of voter challenges.

For nearly five years, VIP-trained heroes, like Buncombe County’s Bill Whitehead, Cumberland County’s Mike Hyers, Moore County’s Carol Wheeldon, and countless others, have collectively filed thousands of voter challenges across the state.

Sometimes, the voters were dead. At other times, they were only metaphorically dead, like Mike Hyers finding a woman who had never voted in Cumberland County but was still registered 25 years after she registered

Rather than quietly handing over his evidence and letting election officials sweep it under the rug (their usual M-O), Mike publicly exposed the problem and they hated him for it.

They also hated me for teaching him how to do it, but I digress.

I dare say that no legal instrument (see NCGS §163-85) in all of NC law makes election officials crazier than when some regular citizens–with zero law school training–drops that simple piece of turd paper on their desk. The Left really hates those things?

At any rate, the infallible gods living among us (whom we call “election officials”) hate voter challenges and we spent five years using the challenge law to protect massive amounts of people from falling prey to voter-identity theft.

The Left hated us for it and so did Kim Strach’s State Board of Elections.

Their problem was that we did nothing even remotely illegal and calling us “racists” was so baseless that even the media abandoned their go-to con!

Tethered Goat Lawsuit

Fed up with our success in this area, the NAACP helped election officials devise a way to make us stop by way of a lawsuit . . .  not against us . . . but against the Strach and three County Boards of Elections!

This is “justice” when Democrats sue Democrats in a court run by a Democrat Judge…

The suit involved Democrat activists suing Democrat election officials, so that a Democrat Federal Judge could then rewrite state law. Later, PILF’s Logan Churchwell likened the tactic to the helpless goat tied to a stake and served as a snack for a T-Rex in the first Jurassic Park film.

While the film was great, the lawsuit was a farce. NC Attorney General Josh Stein used his “show-belly” strategy and offered no defense. In the end, the Burr-nominated, Obama-appointed, Judge Loretta Biggs gave the NAACP everything they wanted . . . including $619,000 in “legal fees.”

Just as scripted, Biggs ordered reinstatement of around 6,000 voters we had forced the state to remove, banned residential challenges, and nullified a state law that defined postage-returned envelopes as “prima facie” evidence of the voter no longer residing in the precinct.

In conclusion, as if the spying memo (mentioned Saturday) were not enough, Herr Bell’s behavior might be explained by their aversion to light. Here are some things YOU can do about it:

Action steps to save the Republic…

  1. Canvassing. Either join a canvassing operation or start one yourself. While we like our Phantom Voter Project (see our PVP training video here) model for canvassing your own neighborhood, the NC Audit Force includes some of the best grass-roots organizers in the state. (See how to join the Audit Force’s efforts by clicking here.)
  2. Lobbying. Since none of us are getting paid as “lobbyists,” we don’t need to get a license to speak with our lawmakers. Whether they’re Democrat or Republican, they need to hear from you about the need for a reckoning of the 2020 election.
  3. Pressuring. Start recruiting primary challengers who are paying close attention to electoral transparency and who are willing to take decisive action to hold election officials publicly accountable. Conveniently (for incumbents) the filing period falls between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so don’t be too distracted. Saving the Republic takes a good deal of effort, but many hands make light the work.
  4. Working. Get a part-time, paid gig as an election official. The employee turnover is pretty high, so apply as soon as possible and see what happens.
  5. And as always… you could help us continue to expose the mischief by chipping in a few bucks as a monthly contributor (by clicking this link).

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