Big Brit media calls out American vote-fraud deniers!

Oct 27, 2012

Today’s packed video podcast covered these topics:

1) Kim Wyman, Secretary of State for Washington State wins VIP’s John McCain Award.

2) Drumbeat of media that deny election fraud impacted 2020 take a major blow from British liberal pundit.

3) Charlotte Observer’s editorial attacking HB 259, a bill to help mitigate non-citizen voters.*

4) Details of House Bill 259 (v.2).*** Note: Due to the length of this written post, we’re linking parts 3 and 4 to another page that can be accessed by clicking here.

Details & Links

1) Before discussing the British article, we touched on a SMH news story. Washington State’s current Secretary of State, Kim Wyman, “the lone statewide-elected Republican on the West Coast,” and a poster child for RINO denials of fraud relating to 2020’s problematic elections, is being floated for a post inside the Biden Administration, in charge of (insert drum roll here) “the agency responsible for safeguarding” all U.S. elections!

VIP’s McCain Award winner, Kim Wyman

That’s right! She would head up an agency under the Department of Homeland Security called CISA or Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Considering Washington state’s all-mail electoral system, ain’t it amazing how highly incompetence is regarded in DC?

Note: This agency funds some cyber positions in NC’s election headquarters to make sure them rascally Russians never manipulate the outcome.

Using her position to spout how she “saw no evidence” of fraud is not enough for our award process. In honor of Wyman’s media-grabbing slap at nearly 70 million Americans Trump supporters and even more who believe 2020’s elections were “tainted” by fraud, we offer this dubious award, in honor of America’s suspected Manchurian Candidate, the late Senator McCain.

Wyman’s body of her work suggests a bright future in a political party led by the likes of Lindsey Graham and Mitt Romney.

2) After a brief review of today’s headlines relating to “voter fraud,” we analyzed an opinion piece by Rod Liddle, a self-confessed British liberal. His column, which ran in London’s Sunday Times in late September.,was titled, “So Trump was right: the election was rigged. And our next one will be too.” (If you have trouble with that link, try this one..)

Among the nuggets this soon-to-be-cancelled journalist wrote, consider these gems:

Soon the public will wake up to something even more unpleasant and sinister: that the last presidential election was a fraud, rigged by big business, the labour unions and, more than anything, the media and the tech companies. If that election had taken place in any other country, it would have been called “unfree”. And, as more and more evidence emerges, it terrifies me that the same thing could happen here.”

The “here” he references is the UK. Remember them? They were the people who voted to leave the European Union before Big Tech election rigging was as big a deal.

Comparing the BBC’s tendency to shape the news in favor of incumbents, Liddle pivoted to the October surprise in America when our  “national media . . . smothered stories alleging the Biden family’s peddling of influence and Biden’s crackhead son and his dubious business interests in Ukraine. False news, we were informed. Nope, not all of it was false at all, it transpired.”

For those who follow “mainstream” media, that laptop discovery was the game-changing report. Big Tech realized it would have shifted the self-righteous wing of the evangelical voting bloc. Pastor John Piper led this disastrous group off the cliff, because of his preference for a politician’s style over his substance.

At first, the New York Times joined the media’s suppression of the story and that justified Big Tech’s draconian de-platforming of anybody breathing a word about it. Then, almost a year later, America’s “newspaper of record” quietly removed “substantiated” in their coverage.

Continuing with extensive quotes from the Liddle op-ed piece . . .

What we didn’t know until we were told in February this year, courtesy of Time magazine, was that there actually was a conspiracy — a secret coalition of chief executives, labour unions, left-wing pressure groups and media companies — to manage what information was available to the voting public. Its aim, as The Wall Street Journal put it, was to “suppress unwanted elements of US political conversation”. What a wonderful phrase.” [Emphasis added. British spelling “errors” not changed.]

Nice. Their “win” inspired the Clinton media openly boasting about what millions of Americans suspected they had been doing since, at least 1992: They bragged about how hey rigged the electoral climate!

Hmmm… Could they also have manipulated the nominations of the designated “front runners” of their times, John McCain and Mitt Romney.  Asking for a friend. Back to Liddle . . .

Time magazine reported this as if the cabal — it called the arrangement a cabal — had been acting heroically. To save the US public from making the same mistake again and electing that Brobdingnagian boor — and to do so by suppressing stories favourable to him.”

The Russia China Collusion

Then, Liddle hinted at who was really driving the 2020 elections.

Now we discover that General Mark Milley, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, was also conspiring against the president. Twice Milley called Chinese diplomats to let them know that he would countermand any order from Trump to attack China — which seems to a lot of US conservatives to be an act of pure treason. Milley also went behind his president’s back to connive with the Democrat leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi.”

Translation: “If Trump realizes how the Generals and Admirals in Washington all helped you steal this election, he might declare war, but don’t worry, Master. I’ve got your back.”

I wonder how the Generals and Admirals who don’t breathe the heady Washington air feel about their military leaders conspiring with the CCP.

I wonder how many of them paid attention at War College, when the subject was an alarming CCP military manifesto called, Unrestricted Warfare (reviewed by an Australian military strategist here and by a more run-of-the mill academic type here. But I digress.

Liddle continued with a discussion of an aspect of 2020’s stolen election that our Big Tech masters allow us to discuss:

“. . . that election one year ago was plainly rigged. Not by fraudulent postal votes. But by an affluent elite conspiring, brutally at times, to ensure that the American public heard only one side of the story.”

Liddle, a Chappelle-like provocative liberal from the UK, closed with his grave concerns about future elections in both America and his own nation.

What worries me most is that so few liberal commentators seem capable of understanding that this was a grotesque manipulation of democracy. And yet surely they must see it, no matter how appalling Trump seemed to them (and indeed, quite often, to me). Instead, those very acts that subverted democracy are depicted as valorous.

The author of that article in Time said the conspirators “were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it”. Wow. Isn’t that a little chilling? And are you looking forward to a “fortified” general election over here?”

Rigging the public’s access to “news” and then denying voter fraud is no way to restore public trust in our electoral process. Now we know that the outside world realizes America’s 2020 elections were stolen in spectacularly brazen ways.

Since both the state and the US Constitutions put them in charge, we must ask: What are state legislatures going to do about it? Will they grow some courage before it’s too late? If they don’t, we shudder at how many people will abandon the ballot box and turn to the ammo box.

On that cheerful note . . . check out today’s Proverb (27:1).  It cuts both ways:

Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring,”

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