Finding non-citizen voters is easy . . .

. . . especially when elected leaders do their jobs.

Oct 29, 2021 (Raleigh) Maybe it’s the bill’s name, “Election Integrity Act,” or its purpose, to mitigate certain kinds of electoral fraud; but whatever it is, no bill has made Big Media spewing act this crazy since–since . . .  well, since voter ID was on the ballot.

Either the Charlotte Observer’s editorial staff has lost their minds, or they never had a clue about election fraud in the first place.

The original bill, filed by Representatives George Cleveland, Kyle Hall, Keith Kidwell, and Jeff McNeely, addressed foreign components in election machines, but a funny happened over at the sausage factory.

Out popped a new version of the bill that included a proposed law that would help expose the non-US citizens who magically show up on the voter rolls.

How they got on the rolls is not addressed, but the bill’s teeth would be triggered after a non-citizen gets summoned for jury duty and then gets disqualified by convincing the Clerk of Courts that they’re non-citizens.

The bill then requires the courts to share that information with election officials, who figure out if any of them are on the voter rolls. Then the bill makes them contact the voters, asking them the hard questions.

If the non-citizen has never voted, all is well and they just remove him/her from the rolls with no further issues.

However, if the non-citizen voted before they were naturalized or if they voted and were never naturalized, the bill mandates a criminal referral to the local District Attorney.

Unlike the current law enforcement practices, this bill actually finds the non-citizens who subverted DMV and illegally obtained a North Carolina driver license,

Honestly, the “news” papers and Dem/RINO cabal has fought this same sort of bill since 2013 with types sorts of excuses. But this year’s alibi involves an old favorite, privacy.

Apparently, the cabal is okay with a law telling the public what they will do to stop non-citizen voting . . . but showing the public is another matter.

Just last Wednesday, we reviewed how our public announcement of finding 30,000 dead voters on North Carolina’s voter rolls is what shamed election officials into fixing some serious dead-voter loopholes.

Without somebody watching over their shoulders, election officials have nothing to gain from proactive voter list maintenance. On the other hand, if they accidentally remove the wrong person, they could wind up in federal court.

Enter the Charlotte Observer

Possibly setting the Left’s battle plan to stop this year’s version, Charlotte’s newspaper of record fired the first editorial (linked here), complete with their approved lies and distortions that will become talking points for some politicians.

We handled several of their distortions Wednesday, but one of them still needs more deconstruction.

Grabbed from the Wake Forest Weekly, Oct 25, 2018, p. 6A

That was when they said non-citizen voting was “not a widespread issue” and used 2016’s severely hampered DOJ investigation in NC which only yielded 19 indictments.

When the news broke, we met with prosecutors to help them learn how we found more than 500 non-citizen voters in just one NC county by matching jury records and they were impressed.

Granted, WRAL smeared our work by allowing Democracy NC leader, Bob Hall, to lie on camera about it, but they all knew what we knew. We had found the non-citizen voters and even got criminal referrals to ICE out of the deal!

Since only NC Civittas reported the truth about our very bad day in court, it’s no wonder the Charlotte Observer was ignorant of our work.

Perhaps the Charlotte Observer also missed the Florida media reports about the same issue.

But could they really have missed the 5,556 non-citizen voters removed in Virginia?

Or maybe the missed the academic peer-reviewed ODU study that nearly ruined the career of it’s author when he concluded, “it is likely though by no means certain that John McCain would have won North Carolina were it not for the votes for Obama cast by of noncitizens.”

Remember . . . Obama only “won” the Tar Heel Wolfpack state by 14,000 votes that year. But since the Charlotte Observer says non-citizen voting isn’t “widespread,” you can all go back to sleep.

And finally . . . did the Observer miss NCSBE Information Director, Patrick Gannon’s Homer Simpson moment when he admitted his agency has no “regular voter list maintenance process to identify and remove non-U.S. citizens from the voter rolls…”

We do not have a regular voter list maintenance process to identify and remove non-US citizens from the voter rolls”

— NCSBE Communication Director, Patrick Gannon (Oct, 2018)

Hey, big “news” media . . . if NC election officials don’t investigate non-citizen voting and federal investigators don’t know how to investigate them, then what gives you the right to claim it’s not a “widespread” problem?

Let’s face it: America is headed toward an election integrity reckoning and lots of election officials will be fully exposed in how they tips the scales for one side.

For too long, they’ve operated behind an iron curtain of privacy secrecy that has made them drunk with power.

House Bill 259 is a good start at ripping that curtain down.


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