VIP harassment by Leftist proxies and Virginia’s results

Nov 3, 2021

YouTube made history last week by issuing their, first-ever, “strike” against Voter Integrity Project, meaning the words coming out of my mouth upset somebody with power who then directed the big-tech behemoth to remove our Oct 27 video podcast . . . a whole three days after it first aired.

Secret message to the lefty who got their first “kill” of a VIP video.

Your mommy will be proud of you for censoring the concerns of a private citizen. Your cowardly act, though annoying, was also liberating. As a result, we’ve shifted all future content over to our new Rumble channel! Corporate censorship isn’t as easy as it used to be and you blew this one.

Moving off of YouTube was long overdue, but nothing like a kick in the pants to make it happen faster. Other topics covered today include a brief mention of the latest leftist group attacking Voter Integrity Project by way of public information requests to lawmakers and election administrators.

(Yawn) More Leftist Harassment

The group, calling itself “American Oversight,” started making its bones in 2017 by harassing Trump Administration officials in a manner similar to Judicial Watch.

Now that their boogeyman is gone, they’ve repurposed themselves with “work is focused on exposing threats to democracy and attempts to restrict voting rights . . .”

In their warped worldview, “restrict voting rights” is a dog whistle, alerting their mindless robots to attack any measure that might scale back any fraud-friendly provisions of our election laws.

But rather than just stick to lawmakers, they target anybody who helps those lawmakers with that pesky stuff called “evidence,” which means they’re going after yours truly.

If they’re true to form, they will collect all of that email and then spring some legal document on us–always when we’re super busy–that demands we drop everything to search out email to those same people.

The last time we got hit with this tactic was in late October of 2020, when we were trying to train and deploy election observers.

I elaborate on this latest leftist tactic more in the video, and how it replaced their usual distraction, the random documentary crew that sniffs around every two years, just prior to a federal election.

Give it up, guys. You’re wasting your time and your donors’ money on this. If you really cared about “threats to democracy,” you’d realize that we’re on the same side. But wait . . .  could that be just a cover for your masters?

Virginia Election Results and Election Audits

Ignore your inner RINO…

Lots of pundits will want to jump in front of cameras to give their take on yesterday’s shocking Republican victories in Virginia, so here’s ours:

It would be tempting to go back to sleep in the Old Dominion, but we don’t have time. The poll observers deployed throughout the state were people–like YOU–who realized applying shoe leather to your ideas is the only way to affect change.

One report said that Chesterfield County election precincts had 100% coverage with poll watchers. Actions like that are the key to keeping the “cheat margin” withing reach.

An old pro at election law and voter fraud once confided in me that serious Republican candidates know they have to win by two to three percent in order to prevent the election from being stolen.

With enhanced voting by-mail, we’re having internal debates about setting the new cheat margin up to somewhere between six and eight percent, but we may be off.

One late poll showed Younkin with a commanding 17-percent lead and just five days ago, Fox polling showed him with an 8% lead, but his victory. was only by around 2.5%.

So, the win does not mean you can go back to sleep.

The Democrat/RINO election cartel will tell you there was no fraud in Virginia last night and their “proof” will be that “our side won!”

Don’t fall for it.

Plug in by jumping in.

  1. Start by joining a canvassing operation. We hear great things about both North Carolina Audit Force and  Liberty First Grassroots. They both are filled with talented volunteers who seem to know what they’re doing. If you join one and don’t like the flavor, then check out the other one.
  2. Start harassing your lawmakers about auditing our electoral process, starting with 2020. Please let us know if you get a written commitment from any of them. It saves us the hassle of recruiting a primary challenger some of their more spineless members.
  3. Start yammering to your County and State political party leadership about becoming an election observer for the 2020 cycle.
  4. Fill out an employment application with the NC State Board of Elections (by clicking here) and you may wind up with a paid poll worker position.


When it’s finished rendering, you may view the desktop recording of today’s podcast by clicking the image below.