Bullet dodged. . . for now!

Protecting Ourselves from Internet Voting

Nov 19, 2021

Yesterday, shortly after the House Chamber convened, Speaker of the NC House, Tim Moore, removed SB 724 from the calendar and sent it back to committee, giving patriots time to alert lawmakers on the horrors of bill to institute internet voting in North Carolina.

We’re not out of the woods on this, so patriots will need to continue sounding off to their lawmakers and maybe even filing primary challenges against any lawmaker who pushes an idea this disastrous to the entire concept of representative government.

But don’t just take my word for it. This post will empower you to learn 1) Cyber attacks against elections is a legit problem; 2) The trick played on Republicans to give the Left something they want more than their own children; 3) The civil-rights distortion that frames too much of the debate on election integrity; 4) And how, through informing and persuading, you help solve this dilemma.

Two points I hope we can all agree upon are that computer systems are not immune from malicious hacking and bad nation-states would love to destroy America. If you disagree with these two premises, then you you need to go home and rethink your life. You might be part of the problem. Jus’sayin’…

Cyber Attacks are Real

Without going into specifics, News organizations and CNN reported in late 2020 of how Russia was suspected of conducting a “massive hack of the US government.” According to a report from the US Senate, the cyber attack, known as “Solar Winds,” has  “affected federal agencies, courts, numerous private sector companies, and state and local governments across the country.” Bottom Line: Our government is vulnerable.

Hey! Remember that hack at Sony Pictures a few years ago? Well, the DOJ ultimately indicted three North Koreans in the attacks and “financial crimes across the globe” that earned them a hefty $1.3 billion. BL: A nation states was behind that attack.

One website cataloging the “Top 10 Biggest Government Data Breaches of All Time in the US,” lists the number of US citizens affected by big attacks. At the low end, around 3.5 million Texans, gave up their Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and driver’s license numbers.On the high side, the VA lost data on 26.5 million and who can forget in 2015 when 191 million voters were exposed? BL: There’s enough data out there to allow bad actors to obtain any number of absentee ballots.

While all of the above validates the threat of cyber attacks, lots of smart people agree that elections are an especially juicy target, because of the benefit it gives to a hostile enemy. A sampling of these people include a comprehensive report by Hans von Spakovsky at Heritage Foundation report, a Stanford University report by David Dill, and an IEEE report that says “cybersecurity researchers warn that online voting is not yet safe–and may never be.” BL: Why bother with hacking some petty bank when you can steal an entire nation?!

Tricking Gullible Republicans

The dirty trick played on Republicans was to leverage their compassion against themselves with a convenient lie that blind people are prevented to vote because of their disability. In the heat of the battle, the lawmakers may have forgotten about those (roughly) half-million dollar machines at each precinct that enable blind folks to vote. Let’s see… with around 2,700 precincts in NC, we’ve invested around $14 million for “accessible” voting. BL: Visually impaired citizens can and do already vote.

NCSBE Director Karen “Bartlett” Bell

Another trick played came from the hyper-partisan Director of NC Elections, Karen “Bartlett” Bell. Her giggling nature when testifying must of had a persuasive effect on the lawmakers. One of SB 724’s primary sponsors, Sen Paul Newton told the House Rules Committee, “this bill incorporates every ask made of us by the Board of Elections and Disability Rights North Carolina to expand voter access for the blind and visually impaired.”

The comely Ms. Bell managed to cajole the Senators and preventing a potential lawsuit from yet another activist  group, this time, called Disability Rights NC. BL: We all want to be loved. Some Leftist will offer a big pot of money to sue you for not destroying our electoral process, but we pay you to damn the torpedoes and defend our republic. If you’re not up to it, then quit . . . but don’t sell us out.

Then the race-baiting “interim co-director” of Democracy NC jumped up and was so excited to play her race card that she forgot to hide her support for the bill. This video clip shows her humorous blunder at around the 1:15 mark.. BL: You might be the designated sucker when you find yourself on the same side as that Soros-funded organization.

The Civil-Right Distortion

We’ve recounted several times how terrible things were for Black folks in the Jim Crow-Democrat South, but one side projects their own shameful past in an effort to block any reforms of the laws their side created. As a result, election laws are a one-way street. In other words, we can loosen any law we want, but tightening anything draws accusations of racial animus.

That way, with no proof whatsoever, activist federal judges with lifetime jobs scolded North Carolina for daring to enact a 2013 voter ID law. Instead of the crisp, SCOTUS-approved Georgia style law, the sponsors got clever and wove in so many loopholes that the court coined the infamous “surgical precision” excuse.

There are at least nine ways to steal a North Carolina election and only two safeguards.

This distortion is why we need to fight with facts and not data. Despite millions spent by Leftist groups in state and federal courtrooms, they have never managed to prove their bogus claim that Blacks are somehow incapable of obtaining a voter ID card.

The facts, also known as evidence, do wonders in swaying judges and juries. That’s why we’re so big on both canvassing and poll watching. Anybody who is trained and deployed to address those two vital civic responsibilities have my deepest gratitude.

Remember that Jim Quick, a lowly canvasser, uncovered my favorite phantom voter in the whole wide world back in 2018.Jim didn’t sit in front of a computer to obtain that evidence. He knocked on doors!

And remember that Larry Henson caught a woman trying to vote three times back in the day. No amount of data analysis could have revealed the lady using three different names to vote. He only caught he because he was in the polls as an observer.

Solutions Anyone?

The answer that cuts through this massive problem is both inexpensive and easy. John Q and Jane Q Public have to claw back their ownership of the electoral process. We do this by informing ourselves and by putting ideas into action.

And never tolerate laws or lawmakers that weaken the precious few safeguards we have in our electoral process. Primary them if you must, or educate them . . . vigorously!


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