Justice Denied

[Updated: Kim Strach’s slip, suggesting Dowless’ innocence, and a link at bottom to see his funeral service.]

April 25, 2022 Bladenboro, NC — McCrae Dowless, who peacefully passed away yesterday, never got the chance to defend himself against accusations hurled at him by North Carolina election officials who got away with smearing him in order to oust Congressman-elect Mark Harris from his 2018 victory in NC’s Ninth Congressional District election.

McCrae Dowless rejected a plea deal and sought to defend his innocence in court, but never got the chance. Photo taken May 14, 2019.

I first introduced myself to McCrae during a break at the first day of his February 2019 evidentiary hearing in Raleigh, but never heard from him until a few Saturdays later when he called and began reading me the reason he would have been allowed to handle somebody else’s ballot, if the court believed his accusers.

I had heard it all before.

He was reciting the same excuse election officials had given us when they refused to prosecute our cases of nursing home ballot harvesting. That was the moment I realized he was innocent and decided to help him prove it in court.

From that day forward, he would send exculpatory evidence to me as he dug it up. I would publish some of his proof and scratch my head over others.

In the end, we all agreed that a man named Jens Lutz, McCrae’s one-time business partner, who had allegedly tried to run him over with a motorcycle, gave an interview with (former) state elections investigator, Joan Fleming, the SBI, and the FBI less than a week after he was appointed onto the Bladen County Board of Elections in order to trigger an investigation targeting Dowless.

During the interview, Lutz told a few verifiable lies to the FBI that day, which would have been a crime for most people, but election officials never questioned his checkered past.

They seemed fully focused on getting rid of Mark Harris, a lawfully elected Congressman, before he could be sworn in.

We’ve documented some of the evidence suggesting this to be true and you can find most of it by using the “search” feature (above right) on this website.

The standard media narrative, repeated in his Associated Press obituary, said Dowless was facing “more than a dozen state criminal counts related to absentee ballot activities” [after] “witnesses told state officials that Dowless, with help of his assistants, gathered hundreds of absentee ballots from Bladen County in 2018. Those workers testified they were directed to collect blank or incomplete ballots, forge signatures on them and even fill in votes for local candidates.”

The criminal records of all state’s witnesses in the case would have been highlighted in his defense, so we’ll cover that some other time. But here’s a brief sampling of some “coincidences” of this case that suggest some sort of “deep state” collusion.

Possibly to crowd source their failing investigation, on December 3, 2018, an election official illegally released 159 images of voter signatures to a Democrat party hack, posing as a “journalist,” who illegally published them at WSOC-TV.

On that same day, a Democrat blogger named Judd Legume, illegally published the same images, along with three others, bringing the total to 162.(See NCGS §163-165.1(e)).

What a coincidence! Election officials leaked 162 ballot envelope signatures and Mark Harris had won the absentee ballot count in Bladen County by exactly 162 votes.

A few days after the document drop, Lutz mysteriously resigned from his Board position and made himself scarce.

Another item of interest from those ballot numbers was that the Bladen 162 somehow suggested that illegal ballot harvesting had caused the win; but despite obvious disparities elsewhere, nobody questioned the methods used by Democrats in Robeson and  Mecklenburg.

One or two ballots

Then came the glaring March 26, 2019 admission by (then) NCSBE Director, Kim Strach who sold her Mark Harris / McCrae Dowless “voter fraud” investigation to a Davidson College audience, but accidentally admitted, “we did not find ballots that were harvested,” and there were only “one or two cases” where harvested ballots “potentially” were collected and then not turned in.

Click image to see video clip of Strach’s glaring admission.

As we’ve already covered in our fight with (former) Mecklenburg DA Andrew Murray over his refusal to prosecute interstate double voting, ballot harvesting now gets added to the list of crimes that only get prosecuted when a Republican can be punished.

Leslie “McCrae” Dowless 1/3/1956 to 4/24/2022

But this post is to honor the man who never got his day in court.

Over the past three years, McCrae Dowless became a good friend with unbridled optimism.

Even when he had withered down to around 80 pounds, anybody asking him how he was doing, would hear his standard reply: “I’m doing purdy good.”

Yesterday, that little social lie came true.

Rest in peace, my friend.




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