A Lesson from North Carolina on Challengers

The first hit piece on VIP-NC:

Those Who Learn From History Are Not Doomed To Repeat It

In the summer of 1872, a group of white citizens in Wake County, North Carolina, challenged150 recently freed African-American voters, alleging they were improperly registered and should be removed from the voter rolls. It was one of the first organized attempts by private citizens to use the state’s “voter challenge” law to systematically undermine black political participation in North Carolina — a practice that would continue throughout the Jim Crow era.[1]

Last month, it looked like this troubling chapter from North Carolina’s history was about to repeat itself. A local Raleigh citizen — the leader of a group called the Voter Integrity Project — attempted to challenge more than 500 Wake County voters, most of whom were voters of color. Fortunately, before any of these voters were removed from the rolls, local election officials intervened and dismissed almost all of the challenges last week for lack of evidence. In doing so,

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