The Sordid Lewis Legacy

A Political Eulogy?

Aug 20, 2021 (Sanford) We were so distracted by our nation’s military failure in Afghanistan that the quiet plea agreement deal earlier this week by disgraced State Representative David Lewis nearly slipped past us.

One day we may fully recount the lies (former) Rep. David Lewis threw our way during our seven-year fight over NC’s voter ID law, but we knew his days were numbered when he started attacking us by name.

His deceptive habits first emerged during 2013’s voter ID bill after we discovered that somebody had included a provision that was never discussed or debated in any committee meetings.

Suddenly, curbside voters were not required to produce a photo ID when voting.

We started asking around to see if the curbside exception was an accident or a deliberate act by the staff member, named Gerry Cohen, who had delayed his retirement to “help” usher the voter ID bill into law.

After Cohen finally retired, he became a darling of the Left-wing NC Policy Watch and used the comment section to spin lies against one particular N&O op-ed piece written by yours truly.

We never asked Cohen about the loophole, since he was a rabid Democrat, lauded by the NPR crowd.

VIP’s First RINO Hunt

Besides. . . we knew Cohen would never destroy his own reputation without permission.

But who directed it. . . ?

We started poking around and asked a few key Republicans involved in the bill. With one exception, our queries elicited either surprise or outrage.

Nobody could believe such a massive backdoor had mysteriously appeared the law.

The exception was Elections Committee Chairman, David Lewis. His response told us the hunt was over.

When asked, his trusted sidekick, Greg Gebhardt, immediately snapped, “what will the media say if we go after old people?”

Then, instead of acting surprised or upset, Lewis calmly said, “I don’t think we will be able to fix that.”

The exchange was our first clue that Lewis had his own agenda.

Hopefully, his conviction will be the last, but don’t count on it. After all, he received no jail time, even though he took “nearly $400,000 from donors for his personal use.”

Was Lewis really THAT guilty?

I share the above because you’ll think I’m kidding when I now rationalize his actions.

Even if he did con gullible voters out of 400 large, that’s nothing compared to his next-to-last criminal act that will never be prosecuted.

That was when he led a committee that hijacked and gutted a bland election law technical correction bill (2015-16 HB 373) and turned it into a monster.

Lewis headed that committee and Sen Bob Rucho honorably abandoned politics after that dirty deal. Together, they legalized something called “affiliated party committees.”

This means House and Senate leadership from both parties can raise millions of dollars, in the name of their parties, but they–and they alone–control the money.

Now, the only kinds of party-loyal donors are either gullible voters or globalist corporations.

Oh sure, they call themselves the Republican or Democrat, House or Senate Caucus Committees, but the party they pretend to represent has zero influence over that money!

And their state party leadership either plays along or they get trumped out by the cronies surrounding them.

Now, as in Washington, North Carolina’s House and Senate leaders can run entire campaigns with just lobbyists’ money.

Who needs voters?!

Lewis’ only crime was to pull the exact same stunt, but he forgot one detail: The law only allows House and Senate leadership to pull that grift.

Lewis fell on his sword, which may be why he only got a $1,000 fine and no prison time?

I wonder if they’ll let McCrae Dowless off that easily.

Anyway, Lewis helped empower Democrat and Republican leadership in the NCGA by legalizing their confidence game and handing NC’s governance over to companies like Apple, Amazon, and Big Pharma.

Just as in North Carolina’s HB2 corporate-hostage crisis, the globalists corporations can change state law with just a phone call.

“Hey, Timmy . . . Phil . . . Zuck here. I’d hate to see you lose our $20 million project we’ve been discussing, so you’d better not audit your elections.”

“Bbbbutt,” Phile and Timmy both stammer, “our voters . . . they want honest elections.”

“Don’t make me come down there. Your voters can pound sand. I OWN YOU NOW!”

It’s time for new leadership.

~ jd