Voter Integrity Project is dedicated to ensuring open and honest elections for all lawfully registered voters. We do this in a number of ways, but mainly strive to help local citizens learn how to take our electoral process back from the politicians and the bureaucrats. America’s survival as free people depends on citizen participation. For too long, we have trusted “the government” to conduct our elections. Others took Stalin’s adage to heart and worked hard to gain jobs as “those who count the ballots” and prevent public oversight of their practices.

As a tax-exempt 501(c)(4) organization, VIP allowed to accept both personal and corporate donations, but they cannot be claimed under a personal exemption in your taxes. Unlike a PAC, contributions to VIP are NOT subject to public disclosure.

Birth of a Nationwide Movement

Unlike any other set of laws in America the patchwork of state election laws directly impacts our nation almost more than the federal laws. This is why every “national” voice for election integrity has failed miserably in doing anything besides raising mountains of money.

Four years ago, the headline grabber, Greg Phillips,a “board member” of True the Vote. made a splash by claiming he had proof of 2 million non-citizen voters in the 2016 election. He really caught fire when his claims suckered President Trump into retweeting Greg’s claims. The only problem was his timing. The elections had not yet been certified and that meant the state agencies responsible for elections had not released their actual lists of who voted.

Those who have been in this for the long haul immediately spotted the problem, but that’s just the truth. And as everybody knows, the media would rather sell a good story than tell people the truth.

This brings us to the latest version of headline grabbing… Matt Braynard. We love how he’s advancing our cause, but are a little miffed that he doesn’t stop journalists from (incorrectly) calling him the “founder” of Voter Integrity Project. (Our “Short History” segment–below–tells the actual truth of the who and how VIP was founded.)

Despite this challenge, we’ve helped Matt by arranging a few media hits for him and we hope to work through this problem in a productive way.

How You Can Help Advance the Cause of Honest Elections

Don’t waste your money supporting this guy!

As you can see from the graphic, Matt has raised more money than he expected to get. That said, you may have visited this site because of his media efforts. He is not one of us, even though he stole our name. We DO NOT recommend giving his organization any money, if you really want to help the election integrity movement.

There are exceptions, but too many national groups ride a big white horse into a state just to file an amicus brief and raise money in that state. Some of the better national groups may even file lawsuits. We’re not naming those groups but will admit that most (but not all) of them do more harm than good.

After they’ve made their big splash, they load up their saddle bags with all the loot they raise and ride back out of town. Then they write press releases and book TV gigs about their work and people from your own state throw them wads of cash.

For reasons not worth discussing here, I ask you to trust us when we tell you that there are only two national organizations (so far) that are truly advancing the cause of honest elections. They are Public Interest Legal Foundation (led by J. Christian Adams, Cleta Mitchell, and Hans von Spakovsky, among others) and the Landmark Legal Foundation (founded by Mark Levin). They are the gold standard.

Those groups raise massive money and even get foundation grants, but they have been extremely helpful to the “movement” pushing election integrity. They do this by helping–and not harming–the state-based groups with whom they are fighting. Each of those groups has come to learn that the “Deep State” ain’t just something that happens in Washington Mordor.

As in baseball, our 50 state legislatures act as a sort of farm-team league system that rewards corruption by sending their most “talented” politicians to the big leagues. Occasionally, they screw up and we get to elect a few patriots into a DC gig, but that’s the rare exception.

Why is this? It took us a while to figure out the problem, but it’s because both parties rig the game at the state level. So, as long as “the government” controls the administration of elections, this problem will not be solved.

Enter the States

As a spin-off from the Tea Party Movement, election integrity organizations sprung up all across the nation. There are three reasons you haven’t heard of them:

  1. National groups never shared financial resources with their state-based supporters;
  2. The two major parties “damned us with faint praise” while colluding to prevent real reform;
  3. State-based groups are so busy fighting off the alligators that draining the swamp takes a back seat.

While the state-based election integrity organizations actually do the hardest work to save the republic, the Left understands the game and they flood money into their fellow travelers at the state level. Then, as soon as Democrats get back into power, they weaken election security or even repeal voter ID laws and make it even easier to steal elections. Virginia is only the latest example.

The best conservative national groups finally started seeing the light. Instead of raising money against the state groups, they partner with the state groups. Since we (the state groups) are the only ones who know how the cheaters have hacked elections, the best national groups actually help make a difference. After all, every single state election law you have was put there by activist groups.

Think about that.

Hopefully, by now, you’re probably wondering who to contact at your state’s level. The state groups that are in it for the long haul, joined together to form the Election Integrity Alliance (EIA), a tax-exempt (c-3) organization that really does work to empower the state-based groups. In the late Summer of 2020, we collectively sent an open letter to President Trump, warning him of the coming disaster. We actually got hand delivered hard copies of the letter to several people one heartbeat away from the President, but have no confirmation that he actually saw it.

If your state is not listed below, contact the state listed that’s nearest to yours and we will help you connect with others in your area who are interested in taking action where it matters the most.

These groups founded the EIA:

Link Here


Link Here


Link Here


Link Here



These groups endorsed EIA’s efforts:


Link Here


Link Here


Link Here



Link Here




Link Here





Link Here




A Short History of Voter Integrity Project

The Voter Integrity Project was founded in 2011 by Jay DeLancy and John Pizzo. Their mission was to ensure free and fair elections to all lawfully registered voters. Mr. Pizzo has more than 30 years of private industry experience in the discipline of quality engineering and holds a Six Sigma Black Belt. Mr. DeLancy is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, with military experience in both conventional and nuclear operations with advanced degree work in journalism, business, and political communication. His past teaching assignments include numerous community colleges, Park University, Bluefield College, Liberty University, NC State University and a temporary position at Duke,

Shown L-R) John Pizzo, Jay DeLancy and a past visitor to VIPs offices, Mr. Akira Chiba, the Minister for Congressional Affairs at the Embassy of Japan in Washington, DC.

Scientific Origins

The VIP plan was simple: Mine public data, analyze that data, and let the evidence speak for itself. They fashioned themselves as a “non-partisan” organization because election laws (like the Constitution itself) should rise above political and cultural differences. Open and honest elections are in our entire nation’s best interest.

Starting with a “voter density” study of North Carolina’s 100 counties, they began publishing their research results on-line and sharing it with media, lawmakers, and with peers from other states.

Their second project copied the ground-breaking work of the Miami Herald, who obtained the names and addresses of persons disqualified from jury duty because of their non-US citizen status. This VIP effort led to the discovery of 130 people who had voted before they were disqualified from jury duty, 11 of whom became targets of criminal referrals. This research has led to legislative attempts in 2013, 20152017 and 2019 to require Clerks of Court to share their data with elections officials.

Their third project, garnering national exposure, led to the discovery of almost 30,000 deceased persons who were still registered to vote, some of whom had voting records beyond their date of death. This research identified numerous “data leakage” points in the deceased-voter removal process. It also triggered consultations with election officials that resulted in process improvements for identification and removal of deceased-voters’ records.

The fourth major project involved detecting persons who voted in more than one state during the same Federal election. By matching 11 million Florida voters with the 7 million NC voters, VIP ultimately reported more than 150 voters who were highly likely to have committed this felony. Investigations are ongoing, but the work triggered five initial criminal referrals. As of January 2018, this project has spawned three felony convictions (for details, please click here and here) and numerous consultations with senior election officials in other states. This project (called “FLANC,” as in Florida and NC) also resulted in the first VIP publication that is being sold to the public through Amazon’s marketplace.

Other major research projects are too numerous to mention here, but you explore them through the “news” tab at the top of the page. While we never comment on current research, we can assure you that it generally seeks to identify areas of election law that need process improvement in order to prevent administrative abuses and illegal voting activities such as voter impersonation and intimidation.

The Spirit of Our Research

At the end of the day, voting is the great equalizer among all of our civil rights. When each American citizen enters that voting booth, we all are equal, regardless of skin color, party affiliation, social status, religious beliefs, etc. Every time another voter steals a second vote, our votes and yes…our civil rights… are violated.

While we initially began as more of a “crowd-sourced activist team” of computer scientists, auditors and analysts, we’ve never lost sight of that best practice.  Now, we have morphed into a talented pool of researchers who seek to mitigate election law vulnerabilities while detecting large-scale patterns ranging from incompetent election boards and staff employees to actual criminal conduct.

If your electoral jurisdiction would like to benefit from some of our unique approaches to this critical national problem, feel free to contact us!

Current Needs

We’re encouraging the nationwide growth of this movement and can always use talented volunteers or interns, so be sure to spread the word about our organization and bookmark our website.

In 2018, we qualified as a 501(c)4 non-profit corporation, and all of our research is driven by resources, so please consider making a generous donation today in order for us to advance the project beyond the public’s imagination!


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