Early Christmas for ACORN?


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Time to Fight the Legislature’s Bad Bill of the Year

While ACORN* no longer operates under that old name in NC, they probably laughed when House Bill 836 gutted voter ID in NC. One of their fans, Rep Micky Michaux, crowed this about HB 836 during the floor debate:

“If the Republicans had done this two years ago, I would have supported it.

– 18-term Democrat Legislator NC House Dist 31 Rep Micky Michaux, commenting on HB 836.

Meanwhile, the Republican House and Senate leadership tried to spin it, saying, “HB 836 strengthens voter ID in NC.” Perhaps, they held their rank-and-file lawmakers hostage. The chart summarizes some of HB 836’s damage. (To get the complete picture, click the above image.) The Voter Integrity Project offers an intervention strategy to this sick state of affairs, but it’s tough to help anyone who denies they have a problem. So, step one in the rescue effort starts with you!

How You Can Help Fix HB 836

Click the above graphic to equip, educate and empower citizens who are concerned about the integrity of NC’s elections. Once informed, those same citizens will need to help us motivate their elected “leaders” on the balance they should seek when writing election law.

Currently, election laws weigh 95% of the law favoring ease of access to the ballot box and only 5% to the prevention of abuse. It would be like building a bank with no locks on any of the doors. While 95% secure banks or ballot boxes would mean very few people could enter the building or vote. We believe the two competing interests deserve equal value in a functioning electoral system.

If you want the balance to be closer to 50-50, please download your “Fix-836 Tool Kit” today!


* Note: The criminal enterprise formerly known as ACORN is still active, but under several known aliases.