Federal Judge Nullifies NC’s First Amendment Right

[Link has been fixed! H/T: Mike Hyers!]

Aug 9, 2018 (Raleigh) Yesterday, a federal court struck down a First Amendment right that gave private citizens the ability to redress election administrators in a very public manner.

As a result of that court’s action, SBOE Executive Director, Kim Strach was forced to issue a directive, ordering counties to reject any and all residency-based voter challenges, setting a dangerous precedent for all voter-roll maintenance efforts.

We were not “a party” to the suit, (NAACP v. “Bipartisan” State Board of Elections Ethics Enforcement), but our actions (pp. 15-16 & 18) were why the NAACP filed.

They didn’t bother suing us directly because they knew we followed the law in a strictly non-partisan manner. Instead, they sued the Election Boards for following NC law in sustaining our challenges.

Very cagey.

Observers from both NAACP and DemocracyNC watched as our trained personnel meticulously filed thousands of individualized voter challenges. In the end, our actions prevented thousands of NC voters from becoming victims of absentee (or even in-person) voter fraud.

Yesterday’s ruling invites election officials to keep the voter rolls full of dormant or “Inactive” voters. Many of them have left the state and don’t even realize they’re still on North Carolina’s rolls.

We will have much more to say about this dangerous erosion of our civil rights in the future, but here is the savage irony of the court action:

Just last week, North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein said, “the bulk of voter fraud occurs absentee.”

At that same public meeting, he lectured us about the Federalist Papers, so we ask this: Will our Attorney General defend our constitutional right to redress of grievances . . . especially when our petitions to the government redress the theft of voter rights?!


SBOE Numbered Memo implementing the court order.