All eyes on Jersey

Nov 6, 2021

Establishment media and politicians have already tuned up their chorus to dismiss concerns about New Jersey’s suspicious election as a bunch of “conspiracy theorists,” so let’s start right there.

We can forget about the 1960s-era CIA training against “conspiracy theories” when the convictions follow the theories as it did in Chicago, 1982. That was when Republican Jim Thompson supposedly blew a 15% lead to scrape out a 0.14% victory and a corrupt election employee decided to rat out the criminal enterprise.

The story was well-documented by Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky (click here)after one of the Grand Jury members from that federal investigation contacted Hans and gave him a gift. It was a special report the GJ had produced for that court.

We discuss it at our bootcamps, but the gist of that conspiracy was that US Attorney, Dan Webb, wound up convicting 63 people, who collectively stole an estimated 100,000 illegal votes.

Remember… that was not a conspiracy theory. It was just an old fashioned “conspiracy.”

More than 60 corrupt election workers conspired and used their positions of power to change the outcome of the elections.

Remember those historical prosecutions anytime somebody tries to pretend it never happens.

Despite roughly a 53-45 lead across the state, the late ballots fell at nearly a 33-66 rate to flip the race.We’re not numerologists, but sudden last-minute, disproportionate surges are indicators that something may be afoot.

Reports percolating out of New Jersey may wind up that the “theory” part is proven to be silent . . . again.

Machines Misbehaving

Click image and listen as the voter tries everything she’s told to do in order for her vote to count. It didn’t.

Yesterday, a video began circulating of a woman voting while, at the same time, trying to get her vote to count. As proven in the filmed transaction.


Normally, we only hear of verbal complaints of screen bias problems and election officials go into hyper-spin mode.

We commend the moxie of one voter who filmed her struggles with the machine. Unsolicited advice to her: Get a good attorney. They may come after you for creating filmed proof of their lies.

Nothing undermines public trust in the entire electoral process than the “theory” that corrupt election officials can rig the process.

Historically, when a touch-screen voting machine ignores some votes but not others, election officials either blame the user or they claim it was a “calibration” problem and reset everything.

According to VerifiedVoting.org, the machine she endured was the controversial ES&S Express Vote XL, which uses barcodes in tabulating voters’ selections.

Since voters are unable to verify or confirm that the printed barcode actually matches their selection, they have garnered bipartisan opposition.

Screens Aren’t the Only Problem

An NC State Board of Elections (NCSBE) press release said state laws have prohibited the use of touch-screen, direct-record-electronic devices (DREs) that do not produce paper ballots, since December 1, 2019, but we still use them by other names.

The NCSBE approved the machines by a 3-2 margin, while reminding the public, “no voting system is entirely free from vulnerabilities.”

By their own admission ES&S designed their tabulator to read only the bar codes on the receipt,which creates a whole new the meaning of the word “ballot.”

Typical for their brand, ES&S tabulators only read the barcodes on this “paper ballot,” but not the names of the candidates picked by the voter. Concerns involve internal programming that could reassign the votes or count them fractionally.

“The 2020 election will be the first time in decades we have an election where every voter will cast a paper ballot,” according the Board Chairman Damon “Doublespeak” Circosta.

Such wordsmith greatly undermines public trust in our elections.

Late-Night Ballots

Then there’s the one about the 40,000 votes added to Gov Murphy at 1:54 AM.Ciattarelli had been cruising with about a 52-48 lead all night until the late-night ballot bump cut his lead to around 1,700 votes,

Our trusty “fact” checkers got the official spin from election officials about those rumors by claiming the mysterious increase  were just a batch of absentee ballots they decided to inject nearly six hours after the polls had been closed.

Sudden changes like this, in the middle of the night, are disheartening, but they’re getting more and more frequent. This started with the “found” ballots in 2004, which “stole”  the Washington Governor election from Republican to Democrat.

The mysterious 2016 “Durham Dump” election comes next to mind. That was when an 11:45 PM injection of 94,000 ballots was explained away after it flipped the outcome of the three statewide races in North Carolina that have subpoena power.

An then there’s that . . . um . . . “$T0L3n” election in 2020 that I discussed last week, and earned a YouTube punishment for my efforts.

Now we get to the New Jersey Governor’s come-from-behind victory.

Media Misdirection

Back in New Jersey, some were willing to accept the suspicious way Gov. Murphy “won” his election afer another race went against a key Democrat. The “biggest upset of the night” involved a powerful Democrat NJ State Senator lost his election to a truck driver who spent practically nothing on his campaign.

The logic is that “you win some and you lose some.” This serves to dismiss any concerns that election officials somehow rigged the outcome. But there’s more to that particular story.

The Senator who lost that fluke election, Democrat Stephen Sweeney, was also the Senate Majority Leader. His power rivaled that of Gov. Murphy, against whom Sweeney had strongly considered challenging in a primary.

This “conspiracy theory” presumes that the NJ Governor was sending a message to any future competition.

Remedy Actions

Today’s podcast gleefully opined how the same RINOs who turned a blind eye to electoral abuses in their quest to get rid of Trump are suddenly more concerned.

This time, the obvious civil rights travesty took out their guy. We’re not calling Ciattarelli a RINO or anything, but he’s refused to concede the election and “20 RNC attorneys” have parachuted into the Garden State to help unscrew the mess.

This may be the chance election integrity activists have awaited for more than a decade because our interests are finally lining up with the GOP establishment. They want to get their guy into the NJ Governor’s mansion and we want to peel back the secrecy of our electoral process.

To that end, our New Jersey counterpart organization, “Working Together for NJ Election Integrity” are leading a canvass effort to determine whether large numbers of “phantom voters” may have been employed to steal the Murphy win.

Click image to contact our favorite New Jersey election integrity patriot group. They actually know what they’re doing!

Before you check ’em out, you might want to click on the image BELOW and launch the accompanying video podcast for today’s report.

Who knows? Maybe election integrity really can win out!


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