Another Absentee Ballot Fraud . . . Committed

Aug 17, 2020 (New York) We’re remiss in not posting this great work earlier, but hat tip to Charlotte, NC, Patriot Jim Quick for making this happen. It involves Kara Biasucci, a young woman from Matthews, who left North Carolina in 2013 when she turned 18, registered to vote, and went away to attended Savanna College of Art and Design. In the meantime, her family sold the house and moved away. We think the mom moved to Winston Salem and the dad moved back to New York.

Five years later, she obtained an absentee ballot for the 2018 Congressional election in NC’s ninth district. That way, her vote mattered more! The oft-heard strategy is for people to register in multiple states and then “vote where it counts.” Young Kara certainly did vote where it counted, since nobody in New York really needed her vote. . . and it almost worked.

Jim Quick did the heavy lifting and eventually pulled in reinforcements. That was when a WINS radio reporter caught up with her.

Check out her rationale for voting in NC.

It’s priceless . . . and it’s illegal.

But before you ask . . . no.

She was never prosecuted.

Even though she admitted to committing the crime, District Attorneys never will bother to go after her.