Appeasement Invites More Bullying — Duh!


Bully, stuffing grass in the mouth of his victim.

Aug 19, 2015 (RALEIGH) – The NC NAACP has signaled the federal courts that they’re almost ready to drop their challenge against NC’s already weakened voter ID law, but not without making more demands of their vanquished foes from the Legislature, by forcing them to sign a consent decree.

The move comes just a few weeks after the General Assembly passed a bill allowing anybody to vote without an ID card simply by declaring they cannot find their wallet or purse. While the ballot is considered “provisional,” the law (HB 836) prevents election boards from rejecting any ballots beyond the ones based on “obviously nonsensical” claims. (A detailed critique of HB 836 can be seen by clicking here.)

Despite the state’s surrender on voter ID, the NAACP is still not going to let the matter drop without gaining even more concessions through this consent decree. Under any circumstances, do not let that happen! You’ve already given them too much. Now they just want more. This is why you can never appease bullies!


Signed in 1981, the New Jersey Consent Decree empowered the Democrat National Committee and their allies to prevent Republicans from resisting any organized vote fraud efforts and it has given the Left the entire franchise on fraudulent voting since then. We are even willing to bet the NC NAACP will press that advantage to even more absurd levels.

Knowing the Left as we do, their proposed consent decree will include a court-enforced promise by our lawmakers to enact no further election integrity laws. 

NOTE to Republican leadership: Such an agreement would be your own suicide pact. If you surrender on that point, you will cease to be relevant in NC politics for another 100 years. In fact, such an action would bring many in this state to the tipping point of forming a third party that would make sure some of you lose your jobs in 2016.

Thanks to the great work of the current NC Board of Elections, the bad guys are on the run, so don’t give away anything! Heck! Just last month, we began to see the fruits of that investigation, when 10 “serial double voters” were announced as headed for prosecution. One was even our favorite, Perp #5, the elusive Pasco Parker! So do NOT quit on us!

Or to put it more succinctly . . . DON’T BE IDIOTS!!!

There. . . Glad I got that out of my system. In the New Jersey Decree, individuals were slapped around by the US Department of Justice, who was inflicting death by depositions and Grand Jury testimonies out the wazoo. When faced with such pressure, the GOP sued for peace and left us with the NJ Consent Decree.

Our current circumstances are not as dire. Your professional reputations may be on the line, but your livelihood is not and the taxpayers of NC support lawmakers who fight for honest elections. If the state’s attorneys start pushing any terms of surrender that the NAACP offers you, then be very cautious. It may even be time for some staff changes.

So, don’t fall for the Left’s empty threats. If you go through the courtroom process and the Judge says the law needs tweaking, then fix the problems after the ruling . . . but never negotiate with terrorists!