Holy Buckets! Follow Arizona’s Senate Fight!

Feb 4, 2021 Phoenix — The Arizona Senate’s battle over Maricopa County’s 2.1 million ballots will reveal whether or not America still lives under a constitutional republic… so we’ll bring you up to speed as we urge that North Carolina lawmakers follow Arizona’s lead in their efforts to restore public trust in the electoral process.

AZ Sen President Karen Fann

Nov 12Arizona Republican Party sues Maricopa County (Phoenix metro area) in order to force hand-eye recounts.

Dec 15 – Arizona Legislature subpoenas Dominion machines, ballots, and software in order to conduct their own audit. Term-limited Senate Government Committee Chairman, Eddie Farnsworth said the effort was to make sure election officials would work to restore public trust in the electoral process.

Dec 23 – A local Superior Court Judge cites procedural rule violations as an excuse to block access to the evidence that was badly needed by President Trump’s attorneys before the January 6 certification.

Jan 12AZ Senate issues a new subpoena and heads to court against Maricopa County officials.

Jan 26 – Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Sellers tries to fool the Legislature by offering a fake audit of their election hardware and software by two auditing firms he originally claimed were “certified” by the Electoral Assistance Commission.

Chairman Jack Sellers

We wondered if he was related to the late Peter Sellars, because the proposal is laughable on it’s face. Two firms whose livelihoods depend on keeping the EAC happy would have flown into town, gone into a locked building, stayed out of the public eye, blown a few million bucks, and announced, “there’s no evidence of fraudulent voting.”We’ve all seen that movie and don’t like how it ends.”

Our original intent in writing this post was to make sure North Carolina’s Legislature wouldn’t try to use this same ruse against their own angry voters who smell a rat after last November’s suspicious election results.

Meanwhile, back in Arizona, Sellers’ spun, “It is my belief these audits will prove our machines were not vulnerable to hacking or vote switching.”

If you’re keeping up, the foxes guarding the hen house assure the public, “all chickens are present and accounted for… but you can’t inspect the place. You just… um… just take our word for it!”

Jan 27 – Sellers’ gang blows off the Senate’s subpoena, taunting, “The Board will not violate people’s trust by handing over the ballots that are under seal.” His press release added,

Jan 29 – Arizona Senate President, Karen Fann, realized they were being played and that the EAC does not certify auditors and charges ahead with the Senate’s original plans “to make sure we get two, independent forensic audits.”

Feb 2 – Maricopa county spokesperson tells the media there is no legal mechanism to conduct a recount or turn over the 2.1 million ballots to the Senate without an issued court order.

Feb 3 – Arizona Senate introduces a contempt resolution against five members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, charging that they “repeatedly and wilfully [sic] delayed and obstructed a vital and duly authorized investigation by the Arizona Senate.”

Why this Matters in NC and elsewhere…

First, it’s great to see how Arizona Republicans are recovering from the dark days when John McCain dominated his home state like Boss Tweed. They gave their elected “leaders” the motivation they needed in order to push back against their own Deep State Tyranny.

Second, their Senate rejected Sellers’ fake audit, since it prevents review of the one element that would decisively answer the question of alleged machine fraud: A hand-eye verification of the ballots.

Third, their action paves the way for courageous lawmakers other states (like North Carolina?) to push back against the fraud deniers in media and government.

Unless party grass roots members pressure their leadership at all levels… we will continue to get election results that look highly improbable.

When’s the last time you spoke with your elected officials?