Arizona Senate Caves in Ballot Battle

[Update to this story: On Friday, February 26, Maricope Superior Court Judge Timothy Thomason upheld the AZ Senate’s position and ordered the County Supervisors to turn all of Maricopa’s 2.1 million ballots over to the Senate’s designated audit team.]

AZ Sen Paul Boyer identifies himself as a “Republican.”

Feb 8, 2021 (Phoenix) The party-betraying ghost of John McCain emerged in Arizona yesterday in the form of state Senator Paul Boyer, who first co-sponsored and then voted against SR1005, a measure that would have resulted in their state Senate filing contempt charges and then arresting the elections official who refused to fulfill the AZ Senate’s subpoena of 2.1 million ballots from the November elections.

Boyer, who identifies as a “Republican,” told the Arizona Mirror, that he “struggled all weekend” on how to vote for on a measure that depended on party unanimity in order to work.

“I’ve always said, so long as there’s hope for both sides to work with one another that I want to do all I can within my limited power to have us work amicably together. Members, we still have time to work on this,” Boyer said. 

The resolution’s sponsor, Senate President Karen Fann, said told the same publication that she would not have put the resolution forward without the votes, adding that Boyer told the party caucus he would vote for the bill.

Fann also pointed out that Boyer’s betrayal doesn’t kill the Senate’s initiative to audit the ballots, but the vote would have been a procedural measure that would have strengthened their case in court.

At issue is the federal law that requires election officials to retain ballots, absentee envelopes, and other election-related documents for 22 months.

But when election officials can stop the elected representatives in “the people’s house” from inspecting the ballots, then it begs the question, who can see them?

What’s the intent of federal document-retention laws if election officials can simply refuse to comply?

Meanwhile In NC

Pressure is building for the NCGA to exercise their constitutional oversight authority more aggressively after several ballot anomalies that resulted in another “red wave” election that somehow left the Governor and the Attorney General in Democrat control.

A disturbing NBC News report in 2018 found proof that ES&S components were made in factories owned by the Chinese Communist Party with other assembly work is done in the Philippines.

Was the 2016 Durham County 94,000-vote “glitch” a beta version for the Biden Bump?

And lest we forget, Durham had their own version of the Biden Bump in 2016, when a late burst of 94,000 votes magically flipped the outcome of the three statewide races with subpoena power, the Governor, the Attorney General, and the State Auditor.