Second Robeson Board Member Resigns

Are the Inmates Running the Asylum?

Aug 30, 2019 (Lumberton, NC) — Amid rampant reports of illegal electioneering and voter impersonation in Robeson County today, the Voter Integrity Project has learned that a second Robeson County BOE member, Karen Nance, a Democrat, has forwarded her resignation to the State Board of Elections.

Nance’s email, sent to General Counsel Katelyn Love and cc-copied to Board Chair, Tiffany Powers, made no admission of guilt.

This comes after Olivia Oxendine, a Republican Board member, was targeted for complaint after she was alleged to have displayed multiple yard signs for Congressional candidate, Dan Bishop, on her property and she resigned her position one week after the charges were made public.

North Carolina General Statute § 163A-796, prohibits state and county boards of elections members and staff from making “written or oral statements intended for general distribution or dissemination to the public at large supporting or opposing the nomination or election of one or more clearly identified candidates for public office.”

Board members have been warned that Facebook “Likes” fall under this category and that’s why Nance and a second Democrat Board member came under attack. Charges were filed over their Facebook activities.

Board Chair, Tiffany Powers faces a September 5 hearing after charges were filed involving a picture that surfaced with her standing beside her district’s Democrat Congressional candidate, Dan McCready.

Robeson BOE Chair Tiffany Powers

This leaves the current 5-member Board composition down to two Democrats and one Republican, local attorney Jack Moody, whose 2018 judicial election victory was overturned during provisional ballot counting.

Complaints at the time indicated that all ballot envelopes had been opened prior to the meeting where each ballot would have needed the Board’s approval before they would be opened and counted.

Aware of the proper procedures, Moody is now on the Board, replacing 20-year Board veteran, Steve Stone. By state law, Republicans are minority members on election boards because the Governor is a Democrat.

So, Jack Moody is the only Republican on the Robeson County Election Board.

Who’s In Charge?

The Director of Elections job has been vacant for more than a year, but Tina Bledsoe, a well-regarded career election official, has served as Interim Director. She is currently on long-term medical leave and is not expected to return before mid-September, according to former Board Chairman, Steve Stone.

This leaves Robeson County’s election in the hands of their Assistant Elections Director, Ninevetch (“Nine”) Carmona, a 56-year-old woman who, at age 38, was convicted in Lee County for five felony counts of obtaining property under false pretenses.

The court record, indicating one of Carmona’s 1999 felony convictions.

According to Board member, Jack Moody, her two sons, Michael and Carlos, are also on the county election board payroll as part-time employees, “working a bunch of hours.”

Former Board Chairman, Stone said their mother signs their timecards and their duties include installing and removing the vote tabulation machines from the early voting sites and for calibrating the machines.

Carlos was arrested at a polling site Wednesday and jailed on a child-support order, but it’s unclear whether he has been fired from his position with the BOE.